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How do you go about adopting from someone you know?
Find answers to your legal question.

How do you go about adopting from someone you know?

My best friend is pregnant and doesn't want to keep the baby. We have talked about my husband and I adopting it. What are the steps we need to take? She is due in two months.


Mom to Foster Children
You will need to hire an adoption attorney - to get the paperwork done. Also the father of this child will need to be in agreement with the decision that has been made and if he is on board with it, he needs to sign over his parental rights...if he is not on board with the decision - he can fight for custody of the child once it's born.

Pregnant w/ our first ARMY BRAT
you need to call a law office and hire a lawyer

you need to call a lawyer and do it all legally...

there are fees and paperwork cost still but it can be done..

You first step is to obtain an attorney. Both you and your husband along with the mother- to-be must meet with the attorney. She has to legally give up her parental rights to you. You have to undergo a home study, which really is not that bad. Your attorney will help you with all forms that must be signed and filed in your local court house. Once everything has been done a court date will be set for the judge to render his/her decision.

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