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How much money do birth parents get when they give their baby up for adoption?
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How much money do birth parents get when they give their baby up for adoption?

how much money is a normal price to ask for?
i have heard anywhere from 10k to 40k... and i dont know what is normal.
i am young and pregnant and i will be giving my baby up for adoption.

please no rude answers


The money goes to the agency or lawyer, which acts as a "baby broker" and yes indeed it is pure profit. The mother does not get paid directly as that would be "selling her baby." Instead, agencies act much as stockbrokers (except the mom ends up with nothing but heartache)

You can put the $10,000+ fees into perspective, as being profit and wages for those who trade in babies, by this figure: It cost me a total of $200 to adopt-back my son, because no-one made a profit from it. The demand for babies has raised the price because of the economic function of supply and demand. When quantity goes down, price goes up. With over 40 "hopeful" couples waiting for each baby begin given away for adoption (according to Adoptive Families magazine), the price is high. In the 1960s the price was a lot lower and in fact almost zero in some places because there was more supply than demand.

Youth is no reason to have to give away your baby. In fact teen parents thrive and have a higher socio-economic success over 10 years than do other teens.

check out http://www.econ.ucla.edu/hotz/working_papers/teen.pdf and shows the facts that teen pregnancy does NOT have disastrous consequences for a mother!

"Using miscarriages an instrumental variable, we estimate the effect of teen mothers not delaying their childbearing on their subsequent attainment. We find that many of the negative consequences of teenage childbearing are much smaller than those found in previous studies. For most outcomes, the adverse consequences of early childbearing are short-lived. Finally, for annual hours of work and earnings, we find that a teen mother would have lower levels of each at older ages if they had delayed their childbearing."

And also:

"Moreover, we find that teen mothers may actually achieve higher evels of earnings over their adult lives than if they had postponed motherhood. Finally, we find evidence that while teenage childbearing does seem to increase public aid expenditures immediately after a teen birth, this ‚Äúnegative‚ÄĚ consequence of teenage childbearing is not a permanent one, in that teen mothers use less public aid in their late 20s as their earnings rise and their children age."

You can keep your baby, succeed at school, and get a single-parent-only scholarship to go to college. And many colleges have parent-resouce centers and even on-site daycare.

Looney Tunes
You are so greedy. You give a child away so that the child will have a better life..not to make money.

Get some birthcontrol and condoms and GET A JOB to make money.

You can't sell kids...

It is illegal to pay a birth parent for a baby. That is known as "baby selling," which is a form of human trafficking. Although it is done, is is a federal offense and could land both sets of parents in prison.

Birth parents do sometimes have their medical expenses paid by the adoptive parents.

You don't get paid for giving up your child. That would be selling another human being, which is illegal. Some agencies and potential adoptive parents will help with living expenses and/or medical expenses related to the pregnancy and birth.

Sorry, hon, but the answers to this question are going to be rude, because it is a rather ridiculous thing to ask. You cannot sell a human being. If you are giving up your baby for adoption, you don't get any money. Sometimes surrogates get paid, but if its YOUR baby, you aren't (and SHOULDN'T) get a dime.
Really, THINK about what you are doing. Its in really bad taste that you would even put the thought in your head to try to sell your baby. You should get counseling before you decide what to do, and make sure your thoughts are whats best for the BABY and not yourself.

ANGeL© (Get Retarded!)
Honey you do not get any money.
If you did it would be selling a human...

Gavyn's here! 11-20-08 =)
I'm fairly certain they don't get any money. It's not like they are putting them up for sale.

I am astounded that you can even consider the possbility that a HUMAN BEING is worth a certain monetary value.

sorry, you get no money for your baby. the agencies and attorneys do.

please get some more education on adoption before making this choice.

ETA: sunny, you also forget:

-she gets to bleed like a lacerated artery
-she gets to deal with engorged breasts that are full of milk she'll never use
-she get to deal with post-partum depression, even though she has no baby.
-she gets the 10+ hours of labor and delivery

Birthparents don't get anything except a lot of heart ache.

A parent gets NO money if they decide to give up their child. This is not an item you are selling, this is a baby who will grow up one day to have questions and feelings about who they are and why they were not good enough to be kept by their Mum. There are many adoptive parents who love their adopted children and care for them well enough but there are many adoptees I have spoken too who have said it just wasn't enough.

Why do you want to give up your baby? What are the other choices you have thought about? Please be aware that even if you are not attached to your baby currently, you may feel differently once he/she is born and you have had some time with him/her. This is not a puppy/kitten we are talking about but a little person who is related to you; who has your dna and is part of you. You can them up but Nature can never be changed and you will ALWAYS be that child's mother (regardless of what pre-fix you want to put in front of the word mother). Please have a read of more experiences from mums that have lost or chosen to give their babies up for adoption. Its not the rosy story it looks like in the media. Also, if there are unresolved feelings around the way you became pregnant, please deal with these now as one day you may really regret giving up your child and the pain and guilt other mothers have suffered affects you for a lifetime.

I wish you all the best with your upcoming decision and hope you make a well thought out decision that is the best for the both of you.

You get living expenses in some cases like they may pay on your rent or whatever (but not always) and pay medical bills for you and for stuff like that. They don't actually give you money as that would be illegal and considered buying a baby not adopting one.

I didn't think they got any money.

Parents have to pay an agency to adopt a child though.

Jennifer L
You cannot be paid for giving a child for adoption. Buying and selling human beings is illegal. Adoption costs do run in the thousands of dollars, but that's the price for the process. A mother doesn't set a monetary value on her child.

a healing adoptee
asking for money for your baby is illegal. in most cases your living and medical expenses will be paid by the adoption agency, but you will not get the money in hand.

not going to happen why would you want to sell your own child ? they do it Cos they are not ready to be a parent yet and for love not for money

I think you are thinking of when you become a surrogate mother you do then get paid I was going to give my child up for adoption but then decided to not do so I didnt look to gain money from it but the agency had told me I would not get any money which was fine i just wanted what is best for my baby .... But when you are a surrogate mother for somebody then yes you do get paid and you can not become 1 yet since you are pregnant already with your own child that you did purposely get pregnant with just for a certain family.

$0 it is illegal to give the birth mother any money it can cost a couple adopting $10k for legal fees and a layer more if thy pay for the birth but most is coverd by the state if you don't have insurance.
some states will let them pay living expenses but any money being payed for the baby would be illegal.

It is usually part of the contract between the birth mother and adoptive parents.

As far as actual payment for giving up your child, it does not exist. In fact, that is illegal. You cannot give someone monetary or material things in exchange for a child or individual.

If financial means are exchanged, the adoptive parents usually agree to pay medical expenses incurred during pregnancy, delivery, and post partum. Other than that, there is no payment received.

Courts allow some birthparent expenses to be paid--different states have different ways of handling it. Indiana, for instance, caps it at $3k. That money typically doesn't go to the birthmother as cash--the agency will pay her rent, give her a gift card for the grocery, etc--it all has to be itemized.

The birth mom's medical expenses, at least for the birth itself and sometimes for prenatal care, are also often assumed by the adoptive parents.

As for payment, though, that's illegal. The fees for adoption go to the agency, not the birth parents.

You don't get paid but you might have all your medical living expenses paid and be given expensive gifts if you have a highly desirable baby and prospective parents who are competing for it. Otherwise, it's the agencies and attorneys who make all the money and they do rake it in if they are able to get that highly desirable baby adopted out.

Suzy Sunshine
It is staggering that anyone would suggest that an open adoption with the likes of you would be in the best interest of any child.


you don't and shouldn't get anything it is illegal and baby selling if you do. The adoptive parents can pay for medical expenses and sometimes depending on the instance living expenses while she is pregant but only for the mom and nothing else
This also only happens if mom has no insurrace and seeing your other questions you are 17 so your parents support you and your medical is under their so you get nothing

Mom to Foster Children
"You get nothing!!!!!!!!!!!" said Willy Wonka!

There's no money in it for the mother but you could arrange to get expenses that are related to the pregnancy paid by the adoptive parents. I would like to talk to you as I am finding myself in the same situation as you are,I would also like to give my baby up for adoption.

hoping to hear from you.

It can cost adoptive parents up to $40,000 but that money does NOT go to the birth mother. Rather, it is fees for the homestudy, background check, getting certified copies of all of the paperwork necessary, court costs, medical checkups, fees for the lawyer and/or agency, etc.

Paying a mother for a baby would be baby BUYING and that is illegal. Some states allow birth mothers to be reimbursed for certain expenses-medical, housing, etc. but that is very strict and closely governed.

You can not "ask for" a price for your baby, or you will end up in jail. You can not sell your baby. You need to decide to place your child for adoption if/because you think that is the best option for you and your child, not because you think you will profit off of it.

i dont think birth parents get money the people who are adoting the child gets money how much depends on many situations

Mommy of Lily, Daisy, and Jayson
birth parents aren't given any money. if it's an open adoption then the adopting parents will sometimes opt to pay for medical care and sometimes housing for the woman while she is pregnant. but their is never an exchange of money between the birth parents and the adoptive parents, that's illegal. that could be considered buying a baby and that is extremely against the law.

I don't think its regular practice to do that. It's really illegal to sell your baby. But with proper proof (such as receipts, etc.) you may get your pregnancy expenses reimbursed.

You cannot sell your baby, but you can have some maternity related expenses covered. it varies by state, and some states have hard limits (certain dollar amount). You can get help with rent, food, clothes, transportation, medical expenses etc. You cannot be given a car or a big chunk of $. Also you should consult an agency or lawyer about expenses to ensure you're following the rules and don't get in trouble with the law.

For one let's put it this way maybe she has kids she already has to support and regardless if she is collecting money from an adoption she is still giving the kid a chance in life . You can get living assistance about 1200 a month I did from 4 months till delivery and then got 3 motnhs support after that so I got about 12,000 all together .

For one let's put it this way maybe she has kids she already has to support and regardless if she is collecting money from an adoption she is still giving the kid a chance in life . You can get living assistance about 1200 a month I did from 4 months till delivery and then got 3 motnhs support after that so I got about 12,000 all together .

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