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How much money do you have to make to adopt a child?
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How much money do you have to make to adopt a child?

Is the amount any different for adopting a disabled child versus one that doesn't have a disability? All of the sites I go to about adoption say you need to have enough money to support the child but never really say what that could mean as a number.
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Do you know how it would differ to become a foster parent and then, possibly, adopt one of the children that you had been a foster parent to? Are the monetary and other requirements still the same?


to foster you just need to be able to support yourself the state will give you a board payment to cover the expenses of the child. Don't expect to come out ahead. We spend quite a bit more than the board payment however we do a lot of activities and dining out and such not to mention we like to shop for new clothing and shoes! As for when you adopt a foster child it depends on the state. some states continue to give you the board payment until the child turns 18 some stop the payment. check with your local socail servives.

If a child has a disability the board payment is significantly higher because they have more needs and appointments and such you will need to attend to.

To foster a child you only need to make enough money to support yourself. You will get monetary compensation for fostering the child or children but you are not to feel that money is to help you pay your bills. If you adopt a child through the foster care system it can be as cheap as about two thousand dollars, my friend just completed her adoption. Also, visit several state adoption websites. States like Texas and Maryland have an adoption exchange program where most of their children are available to be adopted outside their home state and the state compensates the parents monetarily until the child turns 18 and the child may go back to their home state for college for free. Good luck!

If you are in the UK it doesn't cost a penny. Our local authority even paid for our medicals. Parents who are unemployed are able to adopt so the onus isn't on financial ability it is on the love, care and support you can give the child/children.

If you foster children here you get a fostering allowance so are in effect paid to care for the children. Again there are no financial criteria to foster either.

Landon's Mommy
I know that you have to make lots to adopt, but you don't need to make hardly anything to keep foster kids. An adoption agency would be able to tell you this stuff. =]

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