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How would describe the typical adoptive parent?
Find answers to your legal question.

How would describe the typical adoptive parent?


This is more a note to Mei-Ling than an answer to the question.
Mei-Ling, your response carries wisdom and is dead on in many important respects. I am an adoptive parent of 11 children af many races-Asian, African American and Hispanic. A successful adoption must be based on respect for the child's ethnicity and heritage, understanding of his uniqueness and hurdles, appreciation of his gifts and potential and honesty relating to his origin and place in your life. Of course, all of the other essentials of child rearing and parenthood apply to the adopted child as well. But above all a child of different ethnicity must understand that you value him for all the elements that go into making him who he is.
It is also important to keep in mind that as time goes on, the adopted child is likely to have unique struggles that a birth child does not--dealing with the original rejection by the birth parent and identity struggles as he explores his birth heritage. Helping with both requires a lot of work, love and patience. Speaking from my experience, the rewards can be great, resulting in strong, connected adults who have the remarkable fluency and understanding coming from the amalgamation of more than one heritage.

Is this a trick question?

There is no such thing as a "typical adoptive parent" any more than there is a "typical adoptee" or "typical first parent" or even "typical adoption" for that matter.

There is no such thing as a "perfect family" or a "normal person" either. These are ideals - not reality.

Every situation and every person is different.

There is no one typical adoptive parent. I think what you are getting at is how can people paint all adoptive parents with the same brush stroke?

I think Mei-Ling's answer is perfect!

What is typical?? Anyone can be an adoptive parent...

my child's adopter:

250 lbs
high school grad
truck stop dollie
skilled in supplying psycho-tropic meds to toddlers
multiple marriages

Mom to Foster Children

120 pounds
College Degree
three dogs
home owner

realmom lese
they feel entitled to what doesn't belong to them
they are liars and thieves
they are insecure yet egotistical
the world revolves around them
they lack empathy and compassion
they are rescuers and you better be grateful

Insecure and controlling.

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