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I am adopted, can I be unadopted?
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I am adopted, can I be unadopted?

and how? I am 22 by the way, so legal age. Its just my family isnt really a family. they are terrible


It's called adoption dissolution or disruption, actually. And it's a sad fact of adoption in some cases. It usually applies to minors - children who are still the legal responsibility of their adopted parents. Which, in your case, doesn't apply.

In your case, as in mine, it's more of an emotional "unadoption". My a.mom unadopted me 2 days after my a.dad died. In retrospect, he was our reason for putting up with each other.

And while many happy adoptees don't want to acknowledge that it happens sometimes, as our situations prove, adoption does not always a family make.

There is nothing for you to do "legally" since you are of legal age and responsible for yourself. You have no legal responsibility to your adopted parents or family.

Go on with your life. Create a family with close friends. Hopefully one day you'll have a family of your own to add to that circle. I now have a husband, 4 kids (2 step) & 3 grand kids. I still have a relationship with my 2 adopted siblings. And I keep in touch with a couple of 1/2 sisters related through my birth father.

I cut my adopted family off the 1st time at around 18 for 6 months. Then again around 19 for over 5 years. I haven't had a relationship with my adopted mom in 12 years now.

Good luck to you. Feel free to contact me if you wish.

Dear Flirt,

There have been a few rare cases where adoptions have been annulled or overturned but they were cases of extreme fraud and kidnapping. In general, it is not possible to be "unadopted". Adoption is permanent.

BUT you DO have options!

You can legally change your name and disown your adoptive family.


Most states allow for adult adoption if you have someone who you prefer as a legal parent and is willing to adopt you. (This includes being "re-adopted" or "adopted back" by a member of your biological family.)

All of these things have different laws and procedures depending on the state you are in but they are almost always handled by the local probate attorney. (You can call or visit your local probate court clerk to get information for your area.)

http://adopting.adoption.com/child/state-laws-on-adult-adoption.html (Links to US state laws concerning adult adoption)

I hope you find the choice that is right for you and I wish you the best of luck for a happy and healthy future! :)

23 year old texas female married
You can be readopted if you wanted to by your birth family if they wanted to adopt you back in. It is a lot cheaper to adopt an adult then a child. But you can certainly disown your parents and never see them again. A lot of people do that too.

No, you can't be unadopted.
But because you are now of legal age you can look for your birth parents.
And its up to you if you want to keep a relationship with your adopted ones.

In many states (assuming you live in the US) and adult can be adopted by another adult. It isn't like being "unadopted", it's like being "re-adopted".

If there are other adults in your life that are like a real family to you, perhaps they would consider adopting you.

Adult adoption is similar to child adoption. You will no longer be a legal part of your current family, inheritance issues will change, your birth certificate will be changed again, and your last name could be changed if you wish.

You can read more about adult adoption in the link below.

♥ Nichole[never gives up]♥
Not that I am aware of. If you are unhappy with your family, just cut off contact. I know it sounds horrible but sometimes it is for the best. You cannot change the past but you can make sure you strive for happiness in the future.


Sporty Babe
If you are 22, just get your own place and cut off all communication with your foster parents.

ya, i should think so. im adopted to, but into a wonderful family... im so sorry they're not the absolute best.

You are 22. Just move out.

Once you are adopted, that's it. You are a member of that family unless something drastic happens when you are under the age of 18. You can legally change your name any time you wish.

No - sadly - adoption is a life sentence.

You could try to get another adult to adopt you.


Depends. You can certainly change your last name legally. Contact an attorney.

Julia B
I think your only recourse is to change your name and move. Once you are adopted, you are adopted. Sorry I can't be more help.

you are the right age... so you should be able to move out but find your birth certificate first. I wish all my luck to you in moving out!

well your family would have to adopt you back. (i think) also this is very personal question that you ask.....

i don't think so, cause they adopted you but im not 100% percent sure but u could stay away from them as much as u like

"Reverse" adoption works legaly different in every state, try googling the question:
And, before you do anything seek professional counseling and advice..after all, you are legally an adult and it is your legal right to be close (or stay away) to your adoptive parents...remember, not all the family adopted you, just your "parents". As far as I know there is no law that says you have to stay in touch with them.


erm i dunno why dont you do some research into the legal/law whatever they call it thing. but probably not

First you have to find one of your parents and have a birth certificate.

idk if thats possible, but it might just be


Blame it on.
you cant be given up for adoption or adopted after the age or 18.
riht now it sounds like you are your own family pretty much.

if they are so horrible then you will have to concentrate on making your closest friends as much of a family as you can untill you are ready for a family of your own :)

you have no obligations to your adoptive family if they act the way they do towards you or around you. you dont have to see them anymore... but i would take into consideration what they have done for you and everything they have had to put up with durring your years of growing up.

just be smart about whatever choice you make.

and goodluck :)

Of course. If you are at least 18 or older, you can be unadopted.

yes i know what kind of thing your in an im sorry for that im trying to look it up and see for myself im only 15 and i want a new family

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