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I want to adopt an infant but don't have a lot of money. Can some one help?
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I want to adopt an infant but don't have a lot of money. Can some one help?


Proud AP!
foster care that is going to be your best bet.

If you don't have money you will be unable to adopt an infant.

"Don't have lots of money" as in "Am not wealthy," or as in "Will have trouble supporting myself and this child"? That makes a HUGE difference.

If you're just not wealthy but are financially stable, you should consider adoption from foster care. It's low-cost or free, depending on your area, and there are thousands of wonderful and loving kids waiting for permanent homes. If you insist on an infant you'll be waiting a long time, but if you're willing to consider adopting an older child, things will go faster. Older children are just as deserving of caring and love, even if it means adjusting your expectations a little.

There is no way you will be able to privately adopt a newborn cheaply-- if you want to do that, expect to pay $15,000-$30,000+.

If you are not financially stable and would have trouble providing for yourself and a child, please do not adopt (including from foster care) at this time. Kids don't require rich parents, but they DO require parents who can meet their needs. If you honestly can't do that, you need to wait till you're in a better place with your money before you consider any type of adoption.

If you don't have enough money to adopt, you most likely won't be able to afford everything the child will need for the rest of its life either, so perhaps you should reconsider. Children cost a lot of money, no matter how they arrive in your care. Sit down with a professional and take a look at your finances before considering anything else.

No. You do not sound like a good candidate for adoption.

Have you looked into foster care?

Randy B
Assuming you mean that you don't have thousands of spare dollars to spend on an adoption and not that you are barely able to meet your current financial obligations, you best bet would be to look into adoption through domestic foster care. There are thousands of children who are freely available for adoption and who are living in temp foster homes while they await adoption. Adoption of these children, in most areas of North America (assuming that is where you are from) is either free or at most around $1000. Check into it with your local Dept of Social Services. They can provide the details relevant to your jurisdiction.

no money=no baby.
Check into becoming a foster parent, the kids who really need a home.

Well, children really are expensive, and if you adopt you're looking at buying formula, clothes, a crib, all the baby stuff that you need. I don't know if you've looked lately, but formula is expensive, as are the bottles you'd need. The crib and baby furniture is expensive as well. With needing to buy all of that, if you haven't much money, adoption isn't the way for you yet. But you could wait a little longer and save. Buy what you need a little at a time and save up all the money that you can. Look back into adoption later.

Or, as many others have said, foster care could be good for you.

Not trying to be mean at all, but honestly if you can't come up with the money to adopt then how do you plan on taking care of the baby? the government?

Ouida B
Thats really nice of you but babies do require a certain amount of money. I suggest you get licensed to become a foster parent. Foster a newborn that's parent have given up their parental rights. Then adopt the baby. There are funds available to foster parent to help with the costs of raising children which you will qualify for. There are also funds for adoptive parents, which you will also qualify for. The attorney fees are waived and paid for by the state. Good Luck

Have one...That's free/cheap since health ins will pay for most of your hospital care...

Sure I can help....I suggest getting a baby doll.

Its amusing seeing women walking around with them.

Is she crazy or is she infertile or both.

Kathy L. Reagan
I'm a single women that want to adopte a newborn baby but I don't have lots of money . But do I need to foster a child ?

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