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I want to get my child's father parental rights terminated. How??
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I want to get my child's father parental rights terminated. How??

I need to know which courts deal with this matter and where are they usually located. I know I must subpeona the court (which courts?) for involuntary rights termination, but where do one usually go?? How do I get this motion started so my daughter can be properly adopted at a later date?
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To the nosy people that want more information: I am not doing anything out of spite. My child is 4 y/o I haven't received a copper penny. My boyfriend has been her father since she was 3months old. HE IS HER FATHER!!! I want to do it the legal way. Thats it....


My son is 5, and I am doing the same. You may change her name at anytime. To get rid of Dead Beat Dad(DBD), and terminate his rights, he must (1) agree. The other way is that if he is MIA, and you have been married for a year, your husband can adopt him.

No attorneys needed! Go to probate court, fill out a 1 page paper to change her name 111.00 total. If you are already ready for adoption, you can go to the adoption department in the same court house. The adoption and name change are the same price a total 111.00. They do try to find the father, has he paid child support, and has he been an active role in his childs life. That would only be if (DBD) showed up. If owes, I doubt he will.

Do not worry yourself with what some of these people say. You are the only parent that child has, and you are the best person to make a decision on her future happiness. These people do not sit up at night, and try to explain why her daddy is not here. They do no have to explain why she can not have the barbie she would like. You have to blame yourself because you can not blame a (DBD) to her just yet.

My son is happy to be getting the oppurtunity to have a "real" dad. Real is the kind that acts as he should. He said he wishes his bio dad would spend time with him, but he never did, and never will. Why should he not get the same chance as the kids that are left by both their parents(like me)!!!!

You need a lawyer.

You have to have some reason that would be harmful to the children and then you'd need to get a lawyer and go to court.

Every state is different, get on the phone and call the court house, attorneys that practice family law and do not charge for the first consultation.

i would contact your local social workers office, they might be able to help you.

Richard W
This is handled at the county level. keep in mind that you must prove that the father is a danger to your child, has no intrest in the child (this usually turns to voluntary very soon) or is otherwise incapable of caring for the child.

First off you need to call a lawyer. I would just look one up around your area and call and see if they deal with parental rights. After that then they will give you the advice on what to do and what court its through. But you cant do anything without an attorney. There also has to be a good reason to terminate the fathers rights. So you have to have proof that he isnt a good father, doing drugs, not helping, not taking care of your child, or not involved in any way. If he is gone and you dont even have contact with him or dont know where he is then they will give him 30 days to contact you and if he doesnt then his rights are automatically terminated!

First you would have to prove him unfit and trust me as easy as that sounds....it is not. Get a lawyer. Best of Luck! :)

well first, I would get a family attorny. they will know what you need to do and he/she will make the petitions to the court on your behalf.
I do know that is some states (and all of them are different so you will have to ask your attorney) that if a parent doens't have contact with the child, pay child support and such for 6 months, then you can file for termination of parental rights...other states, it is 12 months. it just really depends on the state and the laws in that state, cause no two states are the same.
Most attorneys will do a free consoltation with you so you can meet them and find out what to do...

go to your solicitors

go talk to dhs


you go to family court and file a petition....you have to have more cause then just no support etc...it really isn't an easy process....and the bio dad may fight you on this

ETA>>>everyone always says...go to a lawyer....you can file the paperwork yourself (same paperwork lawyer uses)you go to the court (family)tell them you want to file a petion to terminate the fathers rights and for your current spouse to adopt...you pay a small filing fee etc...they ask about the last known address of father...legally they must notify him of your request etc...you're given a court date...name the state and I can send you links...I've done this myself...if the man is going to fight you...then yes...look into a lawyer...if he pays no support...isn't active in her life etc...then you may not have a problem

You can't terminate rights to get your daughter adopted at a later date. It doesn't work that way. The only way to get an involuntary termination is if she's adopted NOW. The courts see it as a child's best interest to have two parents financially responsible for it's care (whether or not your ex pays, he's still legally responsible right now). So unless you've got someone willing to adopt and take that responsibility right now, then it's not going to happen, and petitioning the courts would only give you a headache and a waste of your time.

My suggestion is just to bide your time. I know it'd be more satisfying to cut off that tie, but it's not really hurting anything to have it there either. And the longer he goes without paying or seeing your child, the easier it's going to be to get those rights severed when the time comes. And look on the bright side. As long as you've got a child support decree that he's not paying, the arrears will go on his credit report as an unpaid debt. He's not getting off completely free, and eventually you'll be able to do what you like for your daughter.

at what later date? are u doing this just to get at the bio father? u need to think long and hard about what ur doing. try the family courts/depends where u live also

Talk to God!

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