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I want to start my career in helping children find homes like adoption(only people who have adopted /fostered)?
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I want to start my career in helping children find homes like adoption(only people who have adopted /fostered)?

hi everyone! i really need help ! i want to work in helping orhpans find homes. like adoption or fostering. how would i go about that . I really would like to do this. im 18 and graduate this coming year help. asked teachers and they dont know!i live in the houston and galveston area


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Hi Amanda,

I was a foster kid, so let me give you some ideas.

1) Social worker. These are usually the people that place the children into families, move children around from different homes, and generally keep tract of kids in the system. Most of them have a Bachelor's degree and work on their Masters Degree while working for Social Services or the Department of Family Services.

2) Child psychologist. These are people that help the children deal with the moving and the loss and all the feelings the children have about being in foster care or being adopted. They usually do various forms of play therapy when working with children. Most have a PhD but there are also Social Worker who do therapy with foster children.

3) GAL or Children's Attorney. These people are lawyers and work in Family Court. They represent the child and are responsible for seeing that all the legal issues regarding foster care or adoption are done through the courts. They are generally VERY nice people, but very busy.

That is all I can think of right now. It sounds like you really want to help children. Good luck with everything!

social work for sure!

You may want to look into going to school for social work. You can work with children's services or other agencies like that.

Get a degree in Social work. The you can work with the foster care system and help kids who need homes.

Hello Amanda,

You are definetly going to want to do the Social Work track. Once you have a Bachelors in Social Work you should be able to work at your CPS in your area. I would definitely consider going on for your Masters which you would then be Advanced Standing as you will have a BA in SW. This would be great b/c with a Masters you will be able to do private adoptions and home studies as a part time job. You really need your masters to work in the Social Work field!

I would start talking to your local DSS or CPS office or even talk with an adoption agency. Family to Family Adoptions Inc have great ladies that would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Their number is 1-800-385-6301 or you can find them at

Good luck!

Move to an impoverished country, open an orphanage and work towards helping children stay in their own countries.

Educate people, teach them parenting skills, help keep families intact and within their own cultures.

You'd be doing the greatest service.

mony sue
Start by contacting your social services. They will be able to help you get started and tell you all the steps. I think you are a wonderful blessing waiting to happen to a lot of lucky little kids. Thank You

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