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If I adopt a child can the biological parents take them away?
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If I adopt a child can the biological parents take them away?

If i adopt a child can there parents take them back even if all the papers are set and they were signed everything was set. Do they have that kind of power to do that.


Assuming everything has been done legally and their parental rights have been terminated permnantly by a court of law or they willingly signed the rights to the baby away once the adoption is finalized they can't do anything.

However during the adoption process the might have a chance to petition the courts to maintain their parental rights, and might have a case if during the adoption process they are not given a chance or say if something illegal occurs for example somone forges their signature on the papers giving up rights to their children. But this is very rare, and situations like this would make the adoption null and void.

NO they cant. Infact, they loose all parental rights as soon as they adopt that child out and everything is sealed. If they want to be apart of the childs life, then they should have thaught about that before giving the child up. DONT WORRY. as soon as those papers are sealed etc, YOU become the childs parent, end of. Dont let yourself get stressed out about this, as what you are doing is a wonderful thing and despite of all the thumbs down I am going to get for this, I think your a wonderful person. You must know though, that later on in life, the child may express an interest in where they come from, and may want to go for a reunion with birth parents. Just make sure your open and honest with the child. Honesty is the best thing for the child. GOOD LUCK

In some cases yes, they do. Its happened.

*~BanD LuvR~*
No, unless you have done something wrong to the child and they have proof that you did something wrong,then they can take the child away. But legally you are the parent of the child forever or until the child is 18.

Absolutely not....Talking as a person who was adopted when I was 9 weeks old....If everything is signed and its legal, then they have no more rights whatsoever to the child.

they only have a 30 day period to wave their rights unless they sign a form stating they do not any rights what so ever. That's what I did, iI signed in front of lawer stating that all I wanted was pics sent to me every 6 months.

Sadly this is why there are lawyers involved...to make sure all bases are covered. The important thing is to make sure the mother wants to give the kid up...and to make sure she wants you as the parents. Honestly become a foster parent first. A lot of kids end up in the system and just stay in group homes, you basically house them until it is decided what will happen to them...and if it is decided they can never go back to their parents usually the foster parent has the option to adopt. You might be afraid of getting a "screwed up kid" but these are the people who really need it the most, a stable loving home, being bounced around in the system as a child is the most traumatic thing that can happen to a child. My Aunt and Uncle did this and adopted and autistic child named Kevin and I don't think they could be happier...by fostering him they new what they were getting into and fell in love with him, and because of them he is doing mentally a million times better....they will say it is hard at times, but all they have to think about is what would have happened to him is he stayed in the system and it makes it all worth it.

no, once the parents have signed away the rights of the child they cannot have the child back.

Tiberiu B
I agree with Kristi

Cora Del Mar
Nope don't think so



if they fight in court for them


!!Just Peachy!!
It depends on what kind of adoption it is to be honest with you! My friend had an open adoption and her baby got taken from her when the parents decided that they wanted her back court granted rights to the biological parents! I also know someone who had a closed adoption that is where the parents who give up the child dont know who took them, and when you sign all of your papers it even says in there that the parents cannot come on you to get the child back because the adoption was closed and dont know who you are! I hope that this helps. If you need more information on this you can always go to an adoption clinic and talk to them before you were make a decision! Best of luck! And adoption is a beautiful thing! And just to let you know the friend that had her baby taken away did go to court and thought that the baby was hers forever but after 3 years the biological parents did get her back!

Kitten Toes
Not if everything is done legally and properly, and you ask for a "closed" adoption.

there'd have to be more papers signed i guess ?

Bridget S
Adoption is forever, no going back.

Pratikshya M
Not unless you allow them to. Only your decision can take your baby away.

not if they signed it away.... they can try to take it back, but the judge wont let them

you have to make sure both birth parents sign though, cause if the girl gives it away and the father doesnt know, then he could probly take it back.

it can also happen if they can prove that you havent taken care of the child properly

Nno they can't.
When you adopt a child it becomes YOUR child.

Buut it also all depends on what the kid wants to do.
If she wants to go to her biological parents or stay with you.

There have been cases where adopted children were given back to the biological parent. In any case, the biological parent(s) could seriously disrupt the adopted child and adopting parents' lives.

The tendency in America today is for "open" adoptions where the biological parent(s) play a role in the child's life. Not all adopting parents want this, which is why so many families now choose international adoption.

only if they kid nap it could you please answer this


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