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If someone gives up parental rights are they still to pay child support? (Ohio)?
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If someone gives up parental rights are they still to pay child support? (Ohio)?

For a 17 year old


No, your not.

Rights and responsibilities are treated separately in most jurisdictions. In divorce custody situation rights simply mean visitations and a say so in major decisions. One can give up their rights to those things, but still be required to pay child support.

One can't simply choose to give up rights and get out of child support or millions would do it and there would be no such things as deadbeat parents.

The only way to get out of court ordered support in most cases is for the child to be adopted by someone else.

it is not true what josie said. it could be different in other states, but i know in arkansas, even if you give up parental rights, you still pay child support. the support only stops if the child is adopted. maybe by a step parent. but yes, they still pay child support.

i agree that its not fair, im just saying what the law is here. just like it isnt fair for a father to be paying child support every week for a child that chooses to have better things to do than visit. but thats how it goes. good luck

April B

schneidmanbabe 09
well since they are 17 that might be an issue. but in most cases even though they give up parental rights they are still required to pay child support unless the child is adopted thru another couple. hope this helps

You need to read the parental rights waiver well. When my daughters mother gave up her parental rights it distintly said she was giving up any and all rights and the financial obligations would go to me and my husband at the time of her adoption. If you are the one thinking about giving up your parental rights keep in mind you will never get any of your rights back. Its a big step and a dollar isnt worth a child if you have any feelings for it.
Im not saying dont give up your rights Im just saying before you do think about it long and hard. Children arent toys you cant toss them away and go back and pick them up to play with when you see fit. The love you or someone else gives that child should be genuine and unconditional. If you dont think you can do that then by all means give up all your rights.

mom of many
people get confused by the wording termination of parental rights and custody of a child. You cannot just terminate yours or anyone elses rights. Only a judge can order that.

A parent can only give up parental rights with the permission of a court. They are still obligated for any child support up until that court date.

Nope you don't have to pay child support in the state of Ohio after you give up your parental duties. Now why someone would want to do that don't ask me.

It doesn't matter what state you are in, if you give up your parental rights legally in court, you are no longer responsible for the child and you do not have to pay any child support, nor will you be allowed to have any contact with the child. If this is a ploy to get out of paying child support, you will have to convince a judge.

Not in the state of Ohio. Once you give up your parental rights, you lose all your rights and relinquish the responsibility of paying child support.

Once you give up your parental rights, you also lose any right to the child, including any right to make decisions regarding said child.

(I gave up a child in Ohio 25 years ago)

Diane D
are they going to get to see that child ? i mean if they aren't going to get to see the child why pay that money !!! if you want you cake and eat it too then you have to be willing to let the father or mother see that child !!! but it don't happen that way its called GREEDY!!!!! if the other parent has to pay they should get the child but if they don't pay and give up those rights then they should not have to pay its only fair!!!!! oh and before anyone gets upset this isn't pointed to anyone pacifically!!!

Peace Yo
In my state dissolution of parental rights does not necessarily mean that a biological parent does not have to pay child support. If the legal parent receives social services the state (my state) will definitely make the other biological parent pay support even if parental rights were dissolved.

If parental rights are dissolved and a child is adopted then support will not have to be paid by the biological parent it will be the responsibility of the adoptive parent. I hope that makes sense. I know someone who thought they were getting out of paying child support by voluntarily relinquishing their parental rights and then they learned otherwise when the state sued them for support afterward.

no, giving up one's parental rights means that he or she no longer has any rights 2 the child and that includes supporting the child financially.

no they are not permitted to pay,,, if one gives up their rights as a parent,,, it's like they never had one to begin with,,, sad really,, pay the support,, and be a part of your childs life,, you wont regret it.

apple a
if some one give up in the hell should you pay parental rights. in that case you were not exict to your parent

no, once the parental rights are signed off, or removed , the parents have no legal rights to their child, and this includes child support.

Still Me
No. When one's parental rights are surrendered or relinquished, then they are no longer responsible for that child, and therefore, are no longer required to pay child support. Child support in arrears (previously owed) is still owed, however.

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