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If your a foster parent can you adopt the child your fostering?
Find answers to your legal question.

If your a foster parent can you adopt the child your fostering?


Warrior Mom
Almost always the foster family is given the opportunity to adopt the child IF, IF, IF, and IF the child becomes available for adoption. Keep in mind that the first goal of every child and family services agency is re-unification. It's the law. (in the US) They are required to do everything possible to help the parent(s) do whatever they need to do to be able to parent their child safely.
We did adopt two children through foster care, but we enjoyed a lot of foster children who went back to their families. There is no way, absolutely no way to know whether a foster child will ever be available for adoption. If you are prepared to love someone else's child, nurture them, give them what they need during a time when his/her parents are struggling to make changes in their lives, and then be happy for them when they are able to go back home, then you should consider being a foster parent.

If they are available for adoption. I do caution pepole, foster care is a job where you are filling in for parents while the parents are given a chance to get better, take classes, clean up whatever is needed.

When you think of your foster child AS your own child or your future adopted child, only pain and suffering can occur for you. When fostering any child, you have to know the state is the actual parent of that child legally. One can never assume they will get to adopt the child.

That said if the opporutnity comes up then you may be eligible, but until the opportunitiy comes up that child is someone else's child and you have a job to do!

tickled blue
While I agree with everyone else's answers...I just want to caution you....
If the child becomes available for adoption that does not mean that CPS will absolutely choose you/your family as the 'best' placement for the child. While you can submit to adopt the child, in the end it is up to the case workers to determine who will best meet the needs of the child.
Currently, our child is being fostered by--from all accounts--a great family. Our child has been with them for a year. For some reason, CPS thinks that the foster family is not the best permenant placement, and chose us instead. While we are thankful to have been chosen, it is not without huge reservations over the huge loss the foster family must be feeling. We were told by CPS that this happens in about 40% of the cases....as foster families are meant to be temporary, while permenant families must meet more requirements. I just wanted to let you know that foster's are not always the first chosen.

yes, it will be easier though if you get into a foster-to-adopt program.

Let me say congrats on your being interested in adopting. There are TOO many unwanted children out there. I hope you take the plunge.

Yes, once they are legaly free.

Yes, look into foster-adopt programs.

Reppin Lockleaze
My auntie fosters this boy and she is going to adopt him some time soon

so i guess

Have the parents rights been terminated already? If they haven't, I know our caseworker would be very upset about this. Their primary goal is reunification, so they think it's really important that foster parents don't get confused about that, or confuse the children.

The caseworker told us at the beginning that if they even suspected we wanted to be adoptive parents, they wouldn't place children with us unless they were tpr already and potential candidates for us to adopt. They were very, very suspicious, because they had a few lawsuits where foster parents were trying to keep children from going back to their parents. It caused all kinds of trouble and they removed the children from the foster home immediately. So I'd say, just find out about if they've terminated the parents rights before you ask further questions.

yes, after parents give their rights up or loose their children to the state then they can adopt

if they are up for adotion and they are an adoptive foster home

anne v
I have adopted 4 of my children that were foster children in our home....we are in Alberta Canada and not sure if it is different where you are...good luck!

Marie C
Sometimes. There are children in the foster care system who are not legally free for adoption. If the rights of their parents have been terminated, then yes, they can usually be adopted. Many people choose to adopt this way.

yes of course you can.
friend of ours adopted all three boys they were fostering.

yes if the birth aprents relinquish their rights

Only if their parents rights have been severed and if you qualify to adopt them. Despite being a foste parent sometimes CW don't want to place kids if they aren't the only child, the youngest child, etc.

yes, if the parents lose all rights to the child the foster parents the child is with has first rights to adopt. we had the chance with 1 child and 1 teen, the teen changed her mind the and child turned violent so they placed her into a group home

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