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Im looking for my twin sister.................?
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Im looking for my twin sister.................?

I just found out i have a twin sister! Im excited and upset that my parents are just now telling me. She was adopted at birth because my family could only care for one child. I know her first name, and the hospital she was born at but thats about it. How could i go about looking for her? I cant hire a private detective or anything expensive like that but i really want to find her? any good websights i coudl go to?
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Im pretty sure she will not be looking for me because she does not know she has a twin. So i dont think i will find her on any reunion sights.


That's pretty weak for your family to give up a child because they say they couldn't afford her.

I grew up with a mom only, nine of us and poor. We all turned out OK. Some with college degrees, some retired from the military, all work and married law abiding citizens.

That's sad!!! Damn Damn Damn.

Your parents are weak as hell!!!!



There are many forums online where people who are searching post information. I would just put the little information that you know on one of those forums (but don't give out YOUR personal information) and see if anything happens. If you Google search for finding adoptees, or adoption reunions you might find a lot more of these forums.

I'm sorry that people here are being callous and joking around with you. I have twin children, and I know that they would be devistated if their twin wasn't in their life. Good luck to you!!

She might be on Family Reunited if she know's she's adopted!

peter g
go to the hospital that she was at and find out her last name and if possible any other info and then search her name on like yellowpages.com or some finder like that, yellowpages may only have her home phone number but then u could call her and figure out her adress.

Facebook,Myspace,bebo.. good luck with finding her! x

Another thing to consider is the fact that her adoptive parents may have changed her name; just because the birth parents give a child a name doesn't mean the adoptive family has to keep it.

Halo Mom
You can try an add in the paper where the hospital was

Something like
Looking for twin sister
Birth date
Believe first name is
She may not know she is adopted or has a twin sister

You may get someone who knows her name and birth date to contact you

If your underage it will be difficult to find her. Believe me, I've searched for my older sister since the age of 16 and the only thing I've found out was her name after she was adopted and even the phone numbers.

If your a minor I suggest looking in myspace, facebook and other social websites.

I like this website:
its mainly for texas but i've seen others post from other states

I suggest google your state's and then put adoption after it

for example:

texas adoption records or texas adoption forums

the one i use they have "search angels" and they will usualy find out an address and a number if you can give info like name(first and last) birthdate and birthplace and state.

its free too.

I'd say -

Go to:


There's a face distinction feature, where you can send in a picture of yourself and it will associate your face with every picture recorded. Including yearbook pictures, etc.

yeah you could go looking for her:)
go to the authorities that would have found a new home with her. it might not work if your not an adult yet.

google, the more details you put in the better chance. There is always something on someone out there


Bob H
go to social security

Tyler T

Camilla B

i am your father

she is dead.., ya i killed her a few weeks ago

whats her name i too am looking for my sister and the family that gave me up

I have the same issue. I too have a twin sister whom was put up for adoption at birth and have had no luck finding her. I hope you have more luck than I have.

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