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Looking to adopt, private open adoption?
Find answers to your legal question.

Looking to adopt, private open adoption?

i am a 24 year old and my girlfriend is 27, we are stable i have a 3br home am a teacher in a middle school and have a great and supportive family structure. i have had 2 rounds of ai where i did concieve but lost the baby both times. i have started to look into adoption and after much reaserch have come to the conclusion that i am willing to do a completley open private adoption. for those who dont know what this means it is a adoption without an agency where the birth mom/parents can visit and have a relationship with the baby. in a perfect situation id like to have a mom that would become an extended family type. but also am willing to do closed adoption or an adoption with once a year visits and pictures ect.. really im very open and willing to discuss different options. has anyone taken this route? how has it worked out? and if anyone is reading this and is pregnant and considering adoption email me. id love to answer questions and talk further.
Additional Details
i am NOT advertising. i am asking for more information about this kind of adoption, if anyone has done it and yes if any mothers happen to see this and are interested in me sure they can contact me and i see nothing wrong with that. i HAVE taken other contact routes but every bit helps and this being a private adoption its hard to find so whats wrong with letting people know im here? im not advertising and i DID ask a question.. but im also letting people know if they are pregant and interested in hearing more about me im here..


I am a pregnant woman who is actually working with an adoption agency. I couldn't be happier knowing that I get to give the gift of life to someone. The agency that I am working with is amazing, the do both open and open /private adoptions. They let the birth mother and the adoptive parents discuss the options and decide on which works for them.
I'm not sure where you are but the agency that I'm with in Tampa FL
is Adoption Miracles.
If you have any questions about my side of the process I'd be more than happy to answer them.

"....but im also letting people know if they are pregnant and interested in hearing more about me im here.."

Yes, you ARE advertising. You might have better luck coercing one of the vulnerable and pregnant middle school girls where you teach.

Oh, and you're not fooling anyone with the "Open adoption" scam. It's not legally enforceable in the US.

open adoption scam?
We all know open adoption is NOT legally enforceable, and it is a tool pap's and baby brokers use to coerce young women into surrendering their babies

and wow what kind of person says things like that about middle school kids?
Umm, people who know how adoption works...

i came on here looking for advice and information.. #1 it IS legal and im NOT looking for anything illegal.
It is not legal according to Y!A's tos. Read it.

im looking for a open adoption without the middle man which from my LAWYERS information is COMMON and not at all illegal.
Of course you are.

this place is VERY rude and judgemental.
One person's rude and judgemental is another person's truth and experience. If you cant take the heat, stay out of the nursery.

i came here looking for information, advice and maybee to meet some people and you people with nothing better to do LOVE to judge and assume.. you know what assume starts with right? take a hint.
Aaaaaand, that's EXACTLY what you are getting.Yes. Yes I do know what assume starts with. And I am ASSured in the knowledge my truth can give.

Not Adopted
There are thousands of children in foster care who need a permanent home.

tish_part deux
i'm happy you have a nice crib.
and i'm sorry you were unable to carry to term.

but this doesn't ordain you to ask for another's flesh and blood as a concession for your failed ART.

try foster care. their's LOTS of kids who need parents. but do it for the child, not to gain what you can't have.

Heather B
There are plenty of children already born who need homes, just contact social services. There are over 100,000 needing loving homes.

Adoption is about finding homes for needy children, not finding a child for needy adults.

The type of adoption you suggest is indeed illegal in most civilized nations. Free enterprise in the USA, however, allows babies to be a commodity - your 'lawyer's bread and butter. Being 'legal' doesn't make it morally or ethically correct.

No one here owes you a baby. In fact, no one ANYWHERE owes you a baby. If you want one, go through conventional ways, otherwise you are going to put yourself at risk for being scammed.

If you try to go conventional routes, but you are turned down, perhaps it is better that you don't parent right now. You are still young enough to wait.

Open adoption? That isn't legally enforceable. I hope every first mother out there knows this.

Judgment? YOU are the one here laying it all out for us to see. We ARE going to judge you. YOU are asking for a child. We, as adoptees, first parents, and aparents have every right to let you know how we feel about your behavior. If you don't want to be judged, go somewhere else.

If you were truly serious about this, you wouldn't be asking here. You would go to a lawyer or someone else who had the exact knowledge that you seek. If you cannot figure that out, you are not mature enough to be ready to parent right now.

ETA: I looked in your history, AND YOU ARE trying to get girls to email you about their babies that might be put up for adoption. You are, in fact, trolling for babies here. This is a TOS violation. Your morals are askew!

Mom to Foster Children
Advertising for pregnant women to contact you on YA! NICE!

Edit - You're not advertising - what does this mean to you....

"and if anyone is reading this and is pregnant and considering adoption email me. id love to answer questions and talk further."

= advertising...um.........yep!

Say what? Get lost! Soliciting for a baby online is sick and not the kind of people who would make good parents.

Anha S
Its wrong because this is not a forum to advertise your desire for a baby. This doesn't read like a question, it reads like a dear birthmother letter, which in and of itself is pretty indecent.

ETA open adoption isn't legally enforceable. It is often used as a carrot to dangle in front of a vulnerable pregnant woman, only, before the ink is even dry, she can end up with the door slammed in her face with no legal recourse.

debra p
look on Craig's list

Hello , lovely adoptive parents , this has come to the stage where my husband and I can't hold it anymore. We think this is the best decision we are taking . We have a son and a daughter , for the past time now, we have been trying to see if we can get along with both children but it is getting harder and harder everyday. Are we doing the right decision , we taught! yes we are because we can't continue to let the suffer in our hands . We are looking to give only the boy who is younger than the girl. We have come to know the girl more. Are you you looking to adopt? Please email us using velezs45@yahoo.com Thanks

i am a mother who will like to give my baby for adoption o.k so if you are till looking to have a child them i can help o.k thanks Adeline

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