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Me and my husband wants to put our daughter up for adoption because we can't handle her anymore.
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Me and my husband wants to put our daughter up for adoption because we can't handle her anymore.

she doesn't let my husband sleep because her aunt told her to keep my husband up all the time but my husband just told me that her uncle is coming to get her so my husband can sleep tonight.


Malibu Ken

Please seek professional counseling. You and your husband need to grow up and become the adults in your household.

you are a crazy non responsible parent that don't deserve kids as that is what kids do they make it hard on us but we learn to live with it grow up and be a parent and know that you child can not stay up 24 7 all the time she has to sleep have you thought of keeping her up during the day and let her sleep at night

grow up and be a mom and she is only duing what all kids do and that is make our life worth living

so if she is that hard to take care of let her aunt have her so that she has a chance at a good life

BPD Wife
Sounds like she's just being a kid. Not really a reason to make an adoption plan for her, is it?

Hay Hay
she is just being a kid.

You obviously didn't know what you were getting yourself into when you had children. Kids are not a toy that you can take back to the store because they don't work like you want them too. As a single parent my son sometimes drives me nuts, but I'd be crazy to want to give him up. I love my son too much. Don't you love your daughter?

shes just being a kid, thats how kids act; theres no reason to put her up for adoption, that could change her life not nesasarily in a good way

she is just being a kid. kids are not perfect, they are not supposed to act like they're adults because THEY AREN'T...as a parent you need to be the one to take responsibility and stop blaming your child.

Im pretty sure that this has to be a joke....
Nobody in their right mind would give a baby up for adoption just because of that....
I am adopted and I know how it feels.... so if you want to ruin your child's life... then go right ahead... you dont have a heart...

don't get rid of a child for being a child but talk seriously to the aunt about interfering in your family life.if you serioussly can't handle your child get counseling .no child should feel unloved or unwanted.

smiley :-)
no dont give her away , as long as u can support her then its good
how old is the baby?
well that matters but u have to explain to her that its not good to keep daddy awake and he will be sad and grumpy
sit her in the naughty corner for some time till she understands
this may take a few hours to get her used to it
keep her in another room and show no attention AT ALL to her when she screems
or take her out to the park(shopping,play center) while ur husband has a nap during the day
he should do the same
ask a member of the family to help out maybe while u both have some time alone (or a babysitter)
try a play center where u can leave her during the day if ur really tired
and just communicate
but plz dont give her away JUST bcoz she a pain now.

try them ALL and take care
lots of love :)

WHAT ? You both need to go get fixed DON'T have anymore. This is childish !

Still Me
This is a ridiculous "question" which I suggest is from a kid. Adoption is not a quick fix for misbehaved children or tired parents. It is when a parent gives up their parental rights -- for whatever reason -- and then an adoptive parent becomes the child's permanent parent. Period. Get counseling or take parenting classes.

Kamryn K
O my god, are u for real? your child is your own flesh and blood. You cant just give up on her because she wakes you up at night? What kind of people r u! Then again, maybe she WOULD be better off with someone who actually would give her the love and dedication she deserves. Shame on you!

MAN YOU GUYS ARE WEAK!!!!!my mother had 4 kids.we cryed and argued and screamed!!!!!!she had no baby sitter and she worked 2 jobs my dad worked late shift just to put food on the table,a roof over our heads,and clothes on our backs!!!!!my parents didnt sleep or eat!!!!and you know why they didnt put us up for adoption?because they really loved us and didnt care what happened to them just as long as we were ok and they knew we were just kids!!!!you people are selfish trolls!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andrea C
How old is your daughter? Do you have a routine for her? A time for her to eat, play and rest? Babies like routines and you should try to get her on one. Your husband needs to stop pressuring you to give her up for adoption. Sleep deprivation goes with the responsibilities of being a parent. Hello? Babies cry! They need constant supervision and care! If you both are too lazy and immature to have her either seek professional parenting classes for help or perhaps your husband can go to the uncle's house to sleep. That baby didn't ask to be brought into this world... she's not a toy, she's not like a puppy that you just get rid of because she's on your nerves! Don't you think you probably got on your parents nerves when you were little too? We all cried when we were wet, hungry or needed someone to comfort us.... I am sitting here shaking my head and just wishing I had had the opportunity to have all 4 of my children come into this world healthy... I have one child who just turned 7 and I am grateful for every sleepless night I have ever had because I know somewhere on this earth there is some other woman having a sleepless night because she longs for a child to love and nurture... I am really appauled by your selfish attitudes! YOU don't deserve to be parents and this BABY/CHILD deserves so much more than what you are apparently have to offer her.... Grow up and be responsible for your child! And PLEASE use birth control so that you don't have another baby any time soon!

If you are willing to give up on your child because of someone else, then you probably shouldn't be a parent. A child is more important than that, life will be harder as she gets older. If you can't handle her now how will you ever. And if it's a person that is causing the problems then remove the person from the situation. Don't cop-out on your daughter.

be real.kids will be kids...so u just get rid of them when its becomes a problem..then u no what then u dont deserve being parents.uhh cant sleep boo fen whoo.. oh by the way ur husban is a little b**** then..cant sleep haa.what a joke give ur kid away because u cant sleep selfish.

Just a Mom
Yeah, I'm going with TROLL on this one, too.

Perhaps you should look into guardianship with the Aunt and Uncle while you and your husband seek counseling and take some parenting classes!

Amie M
Whatever, sounds like you a child that needs to go back to school. Get real, oh my child want let my husband sleep so lets get rid of her. Whatever, children should be in bed!!!!!!!!!!!

give her to me I would love to adopt her!!

Hi my sister works at an adoption agency and I can help with all your questions, pros and cons. You can contact me on mpacheco@y7mail.com

lots of dummues
Wow. You all believe this? That's scary. And the ironic part us you think you're better. If you're this stupid to not know this is fake in all honesty step back and figure out why you have no intelligence. Dont have anymore kids, it will just be a selfish act. I suggest starting with a counselor and asking them how you can develop your common sense. Its scary so many people dont have it. Sad and scary.

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