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My child is being adopted out against my will. What can I do?
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My child is being adopted out against my will. What can I do?


get an attorney quick

Jerry M
See a lawyer, stay off drugs, get a job.

Sober up and stay off chat boards.

If its being adopted out you've already been stripped of rights as a parent.

If its illegally by another person, then you need to get a lawyer.

it all depends on the reason for the adoption. is it due to a court order for neglect or abuse? are you being told to give up your baby by your partner or parents? without knowing the details it's very difficult to give you advice on how best to proceed.

♥♥The Queen Has Spoken♥♥
If the court determines you are an unfit parent the court can terminate your parental rights and without your consent adopt your child out.

If you feel this was wrongly done then you need to get a lawyer and try to get an injunction to delay the adoption so that the court can re-evaluate the situation.

Good Luck

if this is the case, your doing something WRONG

john h
you did not say WHY. if your a bad mother (drugs, alcoholism, abuse, etc) , let the child go for his/her best interest, health, etc. adoption or state, welfare can't just go around taking childrens. there has to be some form of justifications. your not tell us why and we can't help you.

Mom to Foster Children
What do you mean - against your will? Was the child in foster care? Did you lose your parental rights? How can someone put your child up for adoption without these things happening...please elaborate more so that people can answer this question.

get an attorney!!!!!!!!! AND FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris K
Get a lawyer and seek legal advice for further action you can take to prevent the adoption from taking place immediately!

Get legal advice imediately.

You need to get an attorney. But what are you doing that your child is getting adopted out against your will? What has happened that this should even come up? Maybe you don't deserve this child. You need to think long and hard about your possible actions and how you ended up in this situation in the first place. I hope everything works out for the poor child.

Eat Funyuns.

Sharon F
seek an attorney who specialize in this matter and find out what your legal rights are

What do you mean against your will? Did you sign away parental rights? or did youth services take the child away? Either way you probably need a lawyer.

Johnny Cool
get Chuck Norris quick

giggly nurse
I think you should seek legal advice as soon as possible, as far as I can tell what is happening to you is illegal.

not come on yahoo and waste time...get a lawyer if your serious

Glennda R
how? like why are they taking ur child? if it's for drugs or something try to stay clean. and get a lawer. now!

comeon, you troll, no one can adopt your child without your consent!

If this is being done through official channels, [probably very little you can do, I'm afraid. Adopting out children from their natural parent is only done as a very last resort, so with the best will in the world, you probably already had a number of chances to 'do' something about it and failed to.

Marie G
Petition. The lawyer for the agency or adoptive parents files a petition with the court,

Consent hearing

Best interest hearing. States vary as to what constitutes child's best interests. Generally, courts assess who can provide a more stable and permanent family relationship for the child.

This is the process - Prepare to fight with all your might

kris k
I agree get a lawyer..a good one

The Wife
get a lawyer as soon as possible

If you have not consented to the adoption and as long as you have not signed any relinquishment papers for your parental rights you have a right to tell the agency or court that you have changed your mind and have decided to parent. There is no law or agency out there that can stop you from doing so. No child can be placed into an adoption without consent of the biological parents.

this obviously didn't happen overnight. if you haven't done anything by now, you may want to become resigned to your child being raised by someone else. and that may a good thing, depending on why your child was taken away in the first place.

You didn’t provide any information on why your child is being placed for adoption Did the Courts terminated your rights? If they did then you probably wouldn’t have much luck. It would take a lot for courts to terminate a parents right even more the mother. They even will typical give the parent a chance to get their life on track and do things the courts request , that’s going into rehab etc.

Just wondering how old is the child? GL

Meg P
Get a lawyer and pray!

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