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My husband and i have low income and are on food stamps, can we still adopt a child in tennessee?
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My husband and i have low income and are on food stamps, can we still adopt a child in tennessee?

i'm getting ready to go to school online and my husband has a job, we have a 4 year old, my son; his step son, we want another child and it seems that we are having trouble concieving now. I know we can support another baby( i know it'll be hard for now) but we are also on food stamps.. can we still adopt a baby in the state of tennessee?


You might be able to do foster care instead if your home is big enough. The person who adopted my husband had food stamps for him and for the other children that were living there. I am unsure if they were adopted or fostered children, because she was 70+ when I met him. (The children were less than a year, 5, and 6. Two kids over 18 that were adopted and she had biological children older than that.) Anyway, some people seem to have forgotten that working people receive food stamps. Your best bet would be to check it out with an agency or through the local foster child system. (Oftentimes if the home proves to be stable enough and the foster child is not in temporary care through the foster system, they will allow adoption.)

megan c
How can you even think about bringing another child into your family with an income so low you need food stamps.Be realistic!

Heaven L
IF youre on food stamps you CANT afford another child. Work on becoming more financially stable instead of looking for a child to bring into your home to be miserably poor.

It doesn't sound like now is the right time for you to be thinking about adopting. If you have a low income and are on food stamps how can you afford to have another mouth to feed? Work on bettering your financial situation and then you can think about it down the road. Maybe you should also get a job in addition to going to school online. Good luck to you.

King Vista
Do you really think that another child, at this point, would be the smartest thing for you to do? You should wait for a while at least until you & your husband are financially stable, and can afford the cost of another child?
Also, I don't think that you are able to adopt if you cannot prove that you are financially able. Foods stamps don't count.

whether or not you should would be a better question. going to school, one child already, food stamps? sounds pretty selfish to me. i'd say at least wait until you are in a better position financially.

No, do not adopt. You do not have the money.

i dont think the goverment will let you adopt. you have to have a certain annual income. and when your on food stamps i dont think thats it.wait until your out of school and get a better job and a better income.

Sir Richard
Hear hear!

Sadly, I believe there are ways to achieve your goal of adopting another child. However, the concern that I think you should have is for your existing child. Raising a child below the poverty line increases their risk for substance abuse, not to mention their overuse of public assistance later in life.

Good luck in your on-line school endeavor!

Good for you guys working on things. The fact that you are having trouble conceiving may be a sign you are not meant to have other children right now and to focus on other aspects of your lives. Right now its just not in the cards. Maybe once you work on everything else it will just happen when it was meant to happen.

You can't afford to food your family now, and you wanna bring another child into your family. Umm.. how on earth do you think your gonna be able to feed another person? No offence, but that seems like a really stupid idea. Why don't you focus on getting food for yourselves first?

I think you and your husband she do what your hearts tell you to do.good luck i wish you the best go for it thats what we are here for is to produce and bare children if you want another child do it and yes you can get food stamps for any child under 18 even if they are adopted i will pray for your famliy the best i knoe god will be there forvyou and your famliy

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