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So, if a biological mother wants her adopted child back, she should not be challenged and the child should...?
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So, if a biological mother wants her adopted child back, she should not be challenged and the child should...?

be returned because the adoptive parents have no rights?
Additional Details
This after the adoption is finalized?


If there was any coercion involved, including "pre-birth" matching, or an adoption taking place when the father has been deliberately left out of the proceedings, then yes. Sorry, ap's have no rights if they play games like that to get a baby.

Jennifer L
If the adoption is finalized and there is no coercion involved, then the adoptive parents can and should challenge an attempt to overturn the adoption. At that point, they are the legal parents. Adoptive parents need a finite point where they can love and attach to their children without the uncertainty of their future as a family.

ETA: I don't think that pre-birth matching as a stand-alone condition is enough to constitute legal coercion. In other words, just because a woman met with adoptive parents before the adoption, if there were no other overt pressure/threatening/bribing done, that's shouldn't be enough to overturn an adoption.

Flying Monkey #073177
You really have a huge hate-hard-on for natural moms don't you?

Once an adoption is finalized it is finalized. Unless their was some major coercion or the adoption wasn't legal nobody is gonna get anybody back. Up to that point YES the natural mother should be able to say no once and have her child back in her arms.

Do you realize that the time period for a mom to say no and parent her child is as little as 48 hours in some places? Who on earth can come to grips with something as life altering as relinquishing a child in 48 hours??? But I bet you think that is just fine.

What do you mean they "have no rights"?

If an adoption is finalized, then by definition, the biological parents have surrendered all parental rights to the child, and don't have a leg to stand on in court. All parental rights have been legally transferred to the adoptive parents, by that point.

Sonya D
If the adoption is finalized, than she has given up (legally) all of her maternal rights. The adoptive parents are now legally her only parents and the bio mother has no rights. But if she changes her mind mid adoption there really is nothing that you can do. She has the right to change her mind.

Um... no.

BEFORE the revocation period has passed on the termination of parental rights, yes, she has every moral... and in fact legal... right to change her mind. That's the whole point of the revocation period-- to give the biological parents a chance to make sure they are comfortable with their decision before it stands permanently, and that's as it should be. That's what shouldn't be challenged.

AFTER the adoption is finalized (absent fraud or coercion) the child should remain with the adoptive family. At that point, the adoptive parents are the ones with the legal and moral rights. Adoptive families are families, and should have the security to form attachments. That's what's best for the child, not years and years of uncertainty.

When we say the biological parents are the ones with rights, we mean BEFORE the adoption is finalized-- that's the law, as well as common sense. AFTER the child has been officially adopted, the child is, and should be, a permanent and secure member of the adoptive family.

The Lauren
If the adoption is final, the birth mother is the one with no rights. She is not legally that childs parent anymore. Overturning and adoption is damn near impossible.

Depending on the state you live in there is a certain amount of time that the mother has to change her mind. Once you pass that time period and the adoption is finalized it is done. there are no more rights or chance to get the child back. Good luck and hope everything works out for you.

If the adoption has been finalized and the reclaim period has passed. Then that baby or child is now legally the child of the couple or person that adopted them. It’s very unlikely that natural parent(s) could get the child back if adoption has been done correctly and legally. There are some expectations such as the father didn’t give up his rights but even that can sometimes depend if the state the baby was born in has a PFR list and the father didn’t get signed up in the time allotted since there are several states that not knowing about the pregnancy or the PFR is not an excuse.

This happened to me with my daughter, I guess many people will have different feelings but I could not just "give" the child back that I adopted out of love. Sometimes bio parents use the children as ploys. Children are not toys, they should not have to go through the back and forth bs. When I adopted my daughter I did it for life and I did it out of love, there is no way I would have ever given her back. People should not give their children up before they are absolutely sure this is what they want.
I did not give my child "back" as you put it. I love her as my own to this day. She reuntied with her bio mom awhile back but came back home.
"Anyone can be a mother but it takes someone special to be a mom"

I love Chris!
If the adoption has been finalized, the biological mother has given up her rights to be that child's parent. The adoptive parents have legal rights over the child. There are still ways to get the child back, but it would most likely be difficult.

Finalisation takes a year so usually most mothers will fight long before this.

Why should strangers fight for someone else's family anyway though? Its not like adoption is natural; its a man made law created for the adopters sakes (just take a look at its barbaric origins) and this has just gotten worse over the years; but is now dressed up as being the best for the baby/child. What a crock!

What is best is for children to be raised in their families of orign where possible. Barring neglect, abuse etc, children and infants outside of this should not be adoptable at all.

So if a mother was coerced and forced into adoption (and yes, this happens today frequently regardless of what certain people want to believe) then yes, she should be able to reclaim her child while he/she is still young or be given as much contact as possible with an older child. Afterall, adopters are raising ANOTHER MOTHER'S child and no matter what a law and piece of paper says, the mother is always a mother.

when my daughter was 13 a lot of legal issues where happening she was sent to here aunt and uncle to be safe until everything was done with the courts i went to go get my daughter back i was told a dozen different things by my sister and brother-in-law i belived everything thing they told me before it was over they got me to sign the adoption papers it turns out that everything they told me was lies i been fighting for 3 years to get her back the REAL mother should haverights can anyone help

my little girl was born ahealthy babby girl iam asingle mumon my ownaone bed flat father gone ilft hospital when social worker said they didnt think iwould be able to cope in a one bed flat with out the babbys father and no family supportbut there is plent of young mums out htere copeing fine ithink this is terrible to do to a first time mumsocila workers are rute of all evil and family splitters ihope one day this happens to social worker one day when she has her child removed thatsv on her own see how she feels

A parent is the one, who gives a child love, education, nourishment, a warm, loving home and nurses the child when that child is in need. A loving parent never thinks of their child as being the the child of another mother, they think of their love for their child.

my daughter was young & felt like she had no option other than to give her baby a loving home w/ a Mom & Dad, so she put her baby up for adoption. It was terrible on all of us. Esp. since she tried for months to raise her baby on her own. ( the boyfriend ran so to speak), anyhow She found What seemed to be the Perfect parents. 1 1/2yrs later the father divorce the mother. Its so sad. My daughter is so upset. She says thats the only Big reason she put her baby up for adoption was for the baby to be raised with a mom & dad. Now my daughter is married, her life is good. What can she do to get her baby back.

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