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Wanting to adopt. Can someone help here? ?
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Wanting to adopt. Can someone help here? ?

We can't go to Children's Aid because we are in our 50's.Too old for this route. We are in excellent health, and both of us are in the social work field, and good people. We have no criminal background. Excellent references. We want to adopt a child.
Additional Details
A lot of answers are asking why we don't know where to adopt, and we are social workers. After 55 you can not adopt through children's aid-fact. Children over 16, children's aid do not want to deal with-fact. It does not take 'one' phone call to adopt a child-fact. One person mentioned that a friend of theirs just adopted a child from another country-and they were older. How old? 40? Would like more details, address, number to call. I am horrified by all the so called 'false knowledge' that is out there!


Why can't you just do long term foster care??
Why the need to own the child???
You want to care for a child - foster would be the way to go.
Otherwise - you're making it about you - and not the child.

Why not become "grandparents" to children who need positive influences in their lives? I'm sorry if this is harsh, but there is a reason Children's Aid doesn't allow people in their 50s to adopt. Rather than trying to circumvent the system, try to find other ways to love and help children who need it.

Just a Mom
If you are in the social work field, how do you not know about adoption? That was half of what my wife learned about to become a social worker.

And I know all sorts of older foster parents who have adopted. I just don't know if I am buying this.

I know you want to adopt a child, but why not do something else to help children? There are thousands of ways you can adopt a child, rather than become an adoptive parent. Good Luck!

We just completed a kinship adoption of our 4 year old grandchild. We've had her since she was 1. The DFS were involved so we got involved that way to keep her in the family. I will be 54 this year & my husband is 57. We're in Missouri.

I don't know how hard it is to adopt a non related child but have seen through out our long process, that many children need parents and have no one and no relatives to do it. On adoption day we saw the adoption of interracial families so that was unique.

I was glad to see the courts give permanent families to these children. The adopting parents were not real young either. Some were closer to our age and some younger.

I would research your area and see how to go about it before much more time passes.

Being social workers I would think you could become licensed foster parents at least and maybe go from there. Some foster parents adopt the children.

At your age I would suggest being a "grandma/pa" figure for teens in foster care.

I know the empty nest thing is tough but young children shouldn't be used to fill the void.

ETA: Foster teenagers. I know a few grandparents that do this and find it quite rewarding because they know those kids are in need the most. You're kids will be having babies soon so you'll have your hands full with them as well.

Gaia Raain
It might be a good idea to consider how fair it would be to a child to have parents your age. Your child has a very good chance of losing his/her parents at a young age. Why would you want to do that to a child? Is your desire for a child more important than their feelings? If so, get a dog. If not, please explain why you would be a decent candidate for adoption at your age. I fail to see any wisdom behind your thought process.

Yes there is a lot of people out there that think there are tons of children in the system that you just go and pick one off the internet. They don't know what its like in the real world.
I know that in many countries you can only be up to a certain age to adopt a newborn. Lets say China, the age is 50. At 55 you can adopt a 5 year old. Other countries have no upper age limit. I think Ukraine doesn't. Most countries will wave the age requirement for a special needs child. Sometimes even a small need that here in the US would barely be noticed or even corrected. You need to call an agency that has many programs to choose from. They will talk with you and find which options you have. This would be a free call and there are tons of places to choose from. I recommend Gladney for starters.
Good luck to you!

Corn is not dog food! No wheat!
You're in the social work field, but have no idea how to get a child?


We looked into getting custody of a teenager (sorry, long story), and with 1 phone call we had all the info we needed.

1 phone call vs. an entire career in the field?

Something doesn't ring true?!?!?!


I said it took 1 phone call to find out the information we needed to FOSTER a TEENAGER.
The teen had an alcholic mother and wanted to get out of that situation when mommy dearest brought home a new boyfriend with wandering hands.

BIG, big difference!!

There are many agencies that will let you adopt in your 50's, however, most require that you cannot be more then 45 years older then your child, meaning that you will most likely be adopting a child 5 or older (however, this can sometimes be taken on a case to case basis, like if you're adopting a sibling group with some over 5 and some not, it may very well be okay). Are you looking to adopt domesticlly or internationally?

Why don't you look at fostering at your age. You are old enough to be grandparents. Too old to handle toddlers for sure.

Also why wait so long to adopt vis a vis adopting 20 years ago ?

Seriously you ought to look at fostering an older child.

Well if you are willing to spend a lot of money then i can help!
If you want a girl you could go to China(A couple of my friends adopted from their and they are so happy now!)

Another place that I heard of that is really great to get kids from is Russia.
Good Luck!!!

Stef S
Otherwise look into a surrogate mother.

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