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What is the "easiest" country to adopt from?
Find answers to your legal question.

What is the "easiest" country to adopt from?

As far as the shortest wait, least red tape, and least expensive?


I am afraid there is no easy answer. China takes anywhere from 2 1/2 to 3 years now since they just changed the rules in May. USA can be a long wait especially if you do not use an agency. Human resources can take a very long time to finalize and until an adoption is finalized, anything can happen. It is kinda depressing. We were fortunate adopting our daughter from the USA, but we have been wanting another child, and it has been hard to happen internationally or domestically. We are looking into Taiwan right now. Seems shorter, but we still have not heard the potential final costs.

Look for adoption support groups where you are located. We are in one, and it helps a lot to be around others who are going through the same thing, and you can ask questions like this one in the group and get an answer since others have been through it. Good luck! We are still hoping, but it is a confusing time right now.

Angela R
There's not really one country that's the "easiest". Each country has their own requirements which you may or may not meet, and wait times can vary by agency too. We've adopted from Korea twice. The process was very smooth, the fees are on the lower end, and for us the wait was only a few months, but for others who adopted from there it's taken up to 2 years, so it can vary.

I have heard though from several families that Russia and the Ukraine are more expensive, and there can be a lot of red tape involved. I would suggest joining an adoption forum such as the one at adoption.com, and asking other adoptive families about there experience with specific countries and agencies.

Adopting a waiting child out of foster care is fast and free!

I would adopt a child in foster care they need a loving family and too many new families want babies....the wait would not be that long either..

Penny P
I just went to a meeting about this very topic. You can adopt older children in the US that are already in the foster system for free, relatively quickly (like a year). Domestic adoptions depending on the agency can be anywhere from 1-3 years wait and anywhere from $12,000 to $22,000 or more! International is more expensive because you are responsible for travel expenses, but can be quicker. To adopt a child from Phillipines 18 mo wait and about $22,000. I'm afraid none of the options seem easy. You should check out Lutheran Social Services.

Honestly, adoption is never easy, inexpensive, or short!

But, if I were to pick a country...the good 'ol USA would be the one that I would say is for you!

If you want any child...Foster Care in the US...the kids are older (than 10yrs) and have no hope 'cause they've seen their younger cuter counterparts find families. If you just want to help a child...this is the way to go.

Especially since some (not all) foster families are DISGUSTING PERVERTS who are just USING THE CHILDREN FOR THE GOVERNMENT check every month...and other things that land on 20/20 or Dateline. You could save a child here...honestly.

If you're looking for the newest popular accessory...being the child from random impoverished country...do the world a favor and grow up a bit.


Brittybabe :]
you will have to do some research of your own,
but i believe china takes only 6/7 months if you fill out your paperwork FAST,
and i believe that the USA can get you a child in 4/5 months.

it's all about the proccess. Doesn't the child deserve to know that someone cared long enough to wait for them?! They've never had that. That... feeling of love!

Don't take the easy path out of this, find a child that really wants & needs you! good luck!

i am no expert but i would think the U.S.


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