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What makes kids qualified to be taken away from their parents?
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What makes kids qualified to be taken away from their parents?

My siblings and I eventually got to live back with our mother (actually one was already 18 by the time she got custody again so it didn't matter for him), but my mother always used to blame neighbors and her other son for calling up on her and reporting. I don't see how one phone call to the department of social services could get us all taken away. Don't they have to investigate?

Well, yea, she finally got us back after years with a lawyer and stuff. The 'case' didn't close for another seven years though when we lived with her, so we had to go to therapy and all that crap. They had to ask our school how we do there, and come for visits to the home every week. Why do they do that?


Randy B
Although I'm sure most will say I'm nit picking, nothing makes kids qualified to be taken away. Its what makes the parents allegedly unqualified to care for them that results in them being taken away.

Once social services are involved however they can do only so much. Even if they did feel that they had reason to remove you from the home it still takes a court order to make that permanent. As far as I have ever seen there is always a degree of judicial oversight so if it went on for that long I'm inclined to believe that there is more to the story then you know or that your mother will admit. For sure investigations were done although that doesn't mean that your mother was aware of it at the time. She certainly would have been made aware of it during the subsequent legal phase.

Looney Tunes
When social services gets a phone call, it is actually triaged based on "level of severity." For example, some cases are investigated with 2 hours and some are investigated within 72 hours.That being said, an investigation is always done before a child is removed from the home. The workers talk to everyone in the child's life, so the phone call may initiate the investigation, but a phone call does not make children necessarily get taken away (unless the initial phone call reports a severely injured child).

This chart shows how it all works....

Many reasons exist why kids are taken from their bio-parents:
abuse, neglect, parental drug abuse, abandonment, parents leaving children alone, parents mental illness, are usually the MAIN reasons cited. But sometimes if your parents are not supplying enough food or adequate shelter or clothing, or if they are not seeing that you goto school, children might be removed.

The reason the workers continued in your life was because your case was not closed. IN your situation, you were probably returned to your bio-mother under the understanding that she would continue to do what the Courts told her to improve. The caseworkers were making sure (a) that she was doing what she was supposed to be doing and (b) that you and your siblings were ok.

I know in my area, if someone calls and "reports" about someone mistreating or neglecting their children, the social services do have to come out and do an investigation. If the children are being mistreated in any way, then they can legally take the children from the home and place them in children shelters/ foster homes until the problem is resolved or the parents are deemed unfit .

Sometimes it does take more then one phone call to get a family investigated. Some neighbors do do it out of spite but in most cases it is usually out of concern for the children.

Even if you get to go home with your mother, and the case isn't closed but you still live with her, then they can come in for home visits and check up on your progress on school to make sure your homelife and school life is going fine. If they suspect anything during this time, they can take the children away again until court decides where to place the children again. I know this because I've been through the foster care system. I've experienced this as well. My sister and I were living with our mom, in what the call a trial period, to see how well she can care for us and etc. After they determine that the mother/parents do a good job then they close the case for good. That can take years. One time it took 6 months for them to permanently close our case, the other time it took a year and a half.

mom to be
They probably did do an investigation. It may just take one phone call. Your mother did not have to be told who they talked to, could have been family, friends, neighbors, and teachers. They are still checking on your family to make sure everything is ok. As long as nothing is going on you have little to worry about.

Tilden J.
I had to call Social Services on my own daughter. She was smoking meth, and she was neglecting my grandchildren. I kept them as much as I could, but they were her meal ticket and she kept taking them back. It took a long time before they took them away from her, probably 6 months. You are right, they have to investigate, and it takes an act of Congress, to take someones rights as a parent away. I am happy to say, my Daughter has been drug free for 4 years, and she has turned out to be a wonderful Mother.

Mom to Foster Children
Well, I can tell you that I have had three children in my home over the last two years and one we ended up adopting him.

He was taken away because of Meth abuse
our smallest one (who goes back home next week) was taken because of past history with the mother / meth use / alcohol use
another we sent home was taken because of abusive behavior by the mothers boyfriend and pot use.

Children can be taken away for many reasons. Investigations are done and should be conclusive before the children are removed in any case.

Case workers come around to check on "their" kids to make sure that the parents are still following their case plan - that no new issues have come up - that the parents are getting the help / resources that they need to raise their children.

For what it's worth to you - I am glad that your mom got you kids back. She must have worked really hard.

one thing social services BEND the rules so much, and none of them are your friends NEVER believe they are!

by right they should come around first but in many cases they don't care or don't even bother doing anything at all (e.g baby p)

one phone call wouldn't of got you taken away that would of been a home visit,many people would of had to of rang numerous times,

i know it might be hard to take it but your mum could of been doing something that your neighbors or other son didn't see right, it shouldn't of been just to spite her, but thats in the past so just try keep your head up.

&& about the social services coming to visit it is just to make sure you are all coping fine, as you are all going threw quite alot of stress,but just remb if you ever feel stressed and wanan go out ring your social worker (they do it for free), and they have to ask how your school work is doing as if you were failing it MIGHT be because your stressed or under pressure at home

hope i have helped you :)

Sam S
its because to the social services they can "see" that your in a bad environment but not all cases are about that.god forbid you could have been abused then they can take away your kids in a heartbeat.

Siver C
I think something must have been wrong in the home. Your mom may just be embarrassed to tell you.

dss has to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the childs health is at risk. there are also several other factors such as livign conditons, if proper food and clothes are avail , abuse the list goes on. the parent may also temporailry sign the child or children over to the state until they get their affiars at home in order

Jane S
They do BAD things. Like murder people. And commit rape.


I live in the state of Kentucky and I had a niece who had 4 children taken from her and not once did the state investigate or bother to ask family members to take in her kids which is what they are suppose to do. the first child she had was 4 months old when taken the mother didn't even get the chance to be a mother to her and this baby linger in foster care for 4 years. I even tried to adopt her my husband and I did what we were suppose to do and we waited to hear from the worker to make a long story short when my nieces 3 boys were taken the new worker on the boys case told my brother and grandfather to these boys that I was approve to get the the first child and the worker on that case hadnt finished her job and by then the little girl was almost 6 years old or older and what a nightmare it would have been to yank that child out of her home to a new home I was not going to make her go through that. The way this child was taken from her mother was criminal in my eyes. As for the boys don't know what happened there just know the workers dont investigate and see If family members would take in the children because these boys did have family that would have taken them in. As for the first child she is 13 and found me and her mother on facebook and from the way she talks she was better off staying home and how is she able to find us If her records are suppose to be sealed till shes 18? I did research when she was taken back then workers were given a bonus for how ever many kids they could get adopted? When the states that just get the urge to just want to up and yank the kids from the parents need to remember its not just the parents or the kids that suffer the whole family suffers... Laws need to be change or new rules need to be made when kids are taken from parents there should always be eyes watching the new parents at all times as well. plus If its an option I think there should an open adoption where the real parents can see that child is well taken care of and or participate in the childs life If they choose to do so. In the State of Kentucky they take kids away because they feel like it and because they can and not one social worker is your friend always remember that.

i dont understand social servises. people say they only take kids if something bad happens and they investigate. well i have had a child taken off me at the age of 1 year old and i was only 16 i lived on my own in a place where i had nobody no family or friends and as i started to beilve i made friends soical servies became involved and so on and then one day they just came round with poilce and said they are taking him away since then he had to be adopted i dont think thats right as i didnt do anything wrong i dont take drugs i dont drink and i proved him everything love and all that. then i went on to be pregnant agen at 19 and they said ok you can have the kid but will just cheak up on you everyday so yeah that was fine then the day i gave birth they came to the hospital and said we are taking him sorry and that was it but this time i have my mum to have him so i dont agree with social they lie out there backsides and pretend they care but they dont at all

Lifeishard I agree with you. I have been trying to get my step son taken from his mom because at the age of 9 he was being home by himself all day long with no one there that was from the time she went to work to the time she got home they told her she has to come home at noon for one hour. She was home for 15 minutes and went back to work and they did nothing. Now we are dealing with her letting him baby sit a 6 year old he is 11 and he doesn't know his phone number, what do to if there is a fire or if his brother is choking, he doesn't know his address. Really and social services hasn't taken him away and put him in our home where he knows the address, knows our phone numbers, knows what to do if there is a fire and is NEVER left home alone at all as someone is ALWAYS home. We haven't heard yet from this last time we called but if something isn't done I'm going to be very mad and will be the one to call up there and find out why.

They just took my granddaughter's child and gave her to her cousin based on lies the cousin told. There was never an investigation. No one was allowed to speak in court except the the cousin's lawyer. It was all one sided and unfair and frankly an outrage. Never let your child spend more than one night in a row with anyone in NC. They can tell lies and take your child.

if the mother was arrested for meth can I get a police report of the arrest and will it help my case to keep my child

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