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When someone puts a baby up for adoption, are they monetarily compensated?
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When someone puts a baby up for adoption, are they monetarily compensated?

Does the person have to pay the agentcy? Both?


Heather B
To monetarily compensate someone who puts a baby up for adoption would be considered baby selling (although it happens all the time on the hush hush in an attempt to secure relinquishment and ensure the mother doesn't change her mind).

Only the various adoption 'facilitators' get monetarily compensated. This is still baby selling but somehow it's legal. Go figure.

You don't get any money, welfare will pay your medical expences. You don't pay the agency. They take your baby.

Sometimes they are assisted with housing, clothing, food, etc. while they are pregnant, and for a period of time afterward while they recover. Medicaid sometimes covers the medical expenses.

why do people keep asking this? u cant sell ur baby. some couples will pay medical expenses, but no one will (legally) buy ur baby. and anyone that would has no business with a baby. dont get pregnant and think its time for the money to start flowing in. thats not how it works.

If there are any expences that deal with the pregnancy that came out of your or your caregiver's pocket up to 10 weeks before and 6 weeks after birth you should be compensated by the family who you chose to adopt your newborn. The money goes through attorneys or through the adoption agency the couple paid for. In tennessee it also covers maternity clothes

The people who are adopting pay threw the nose. I know!
We paid medical bills and lawyer fees and she didn't get anything, but they can. some people will pay them up to 10K for a baby they call it something else or buy them a new car.
Saying it was just a birthday present.
This young girl we knew got pregnant and was really to young to raise the baby, she went to several couples looking for the best deal. With her parents help, because she was only 16.
she ended up with 10,000 set aside for her college fund.
The next time she timed it to get pregnant at Christmas time, so it would be born in the summer, not missing any school.
This time the adopting couple bought her a new car.
which is actually illegal but it happens.

chelsea s
I don't know what the actual statistics are, but I do not think that women are payed to place their children for adoption all the time. That is completely illegal and prospective adoptive parents, birth parents, lawyers, and agencies all know it. It is also illegal to call a gift or money a "birthday present." Any gift or money given to the birth mother is required to be reported in court at the adoption hearing. No profit is allowed whatsoever for the birth mother. I think there are just way too many people trying to vilify adoption on this website. Also, a lot of people get adoption and surrogacy mixed up.

Once again, maybe that happened 10, 20, 50 years ago, but not these days.

The specific breakdown of costs depends on the state you live in and how the adoption is facilitated.

Standardly, adoptive parents pay for
Counseling costs
Any necessary living expenses that birth mom was unable to afford because of the pregnancy such as rent, food, and phone and utility bills.
Any costs associated with the pregnancy, such as maternity clothing.
Any medical expenses for the adopted child
Any medical expenses for the birth mother not covered by some type of insurance. But if the birth mother does not have insurance, they are only required to "help" with the expenses. Whatever that means.

Why would u get money for giving your baby away..what would u need money for after that?The person who takes care of your child will get money.

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