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When you adopt do you get any money?
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When you adopt do you get any money?

When you adopt a family of children, say 5 kids. Do you get any money after the adoption is final.. Say they are a minority, and all brothers and sisters. I was just wondering if you end up paying for everything on your own...
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boy you guys are harsh.... I am not adopting but I know someone who did.. i was just wondering how she could afford all those children as I have 2 and it is very expensive. As for the race aspect I only entered it because there are programs set up everywhere for minority or special needs children.. Chill out!!!!!!!!!!!!


Okay...let me give you facts, not opinions, like some of these other idiots are ranting here.

If you adopt through the state, and your child is determined to be a special needs child, then you *MAY* qualify for a subsidy to be received monthly to *REIMBURSE* you for the money you put out for caring for your child.

If you're adopting for the right reason...the money you receive will not recover all of your expenses in a month.

You do NOT make super bucks adopting from the state, again, unless you're adopting for the money only and never intend to care for the child you adopt.

In the situation you've given, a sibling group of 5, unless very young and not a minority, would very well qualify for an adoption subsidy. How much would depend upon the needs of each child.

We adopted 2 children who are special needs. We do receive a subsidy, but it does not cover the expenses we spend in a month, but we are VERY grateful to get a little piece of the money back.

Go from 0 to 2 kids overnight and see what it does to your finances.

I curse any narrow minded, hateful person who says that people who adopt are only doing it for the money. We adopted our kids for THEM...not money. We didn't even receive the subsidy the first year because we didn't know about it.

not to adopt.. but i think you get $$ for being a foster parent.

mel the amazing mexiCAN!hiPEE!
yes, for each kid but plz dont use them as money makers as poor people in ghetto slums do

tickled blue
Wow, ok well, there are lots of mean spirited people in here....above.....
Yes, you can get a stipend if the child would be best placed in your family, but you cannot for any reason afford the child/children. This is not to say it is a large amount of money....usually between 100-500 per month depending on the needs of the child. This will also help to take care of the child's development and other needs.......this is only when you foster to adopt...foster coming first....you will get a hand in helping to raise these children. After they are legally yours, all you get is Medicaid for just those children until they are 18...everything else is your responsibility.

Bubbeh C
When you accept foster children, the State pays a small amount to defray the cost of their care. When you adopt, the children become as your own, and you are expected to care for them as you would your own, without help from any agency. On the other hand, foster children can be taken from you at any time, but adopted children are legally yours.

In some cases there is a monthly stipend to help offset the cost of bringing new children into your family. It does not cover all of the cost but it helps. Adopting children by no means makes anyone profit monetarily. It is a blessing, and you benefit by knowing that you are giving a child a good loving home.

From where is this money going to materialize? Are they foster children? If you adopted them you took on the financial woes too.

If they are wards of the state you may get some money until they are adults, I believe. It is not foster parenting it is parenting and if you are not willing to pay for everything then don't do it or if you are in it just for the money don't do it.

T Leeves
No, you don't get money...unless you're Oprah's featured do-gooder.

Shelby J
I find it very sad that you would even ask this question. I think you should give birth to, and raise 5 children and see if someone will give YOU some $$$

I'm not sure.

But your heart is in the right place

Still Me
If you adopt from the state, and the children qualify for subsidized care, then that monthly stipend is passed on to their adoptive parents for their specialized care -- medical specialists, therapy, rehab, etc. It in no way covers the expense of raising that child, but it helps to defray some of the expected medical costs.


You adopt each child for a certain amount of money. It does not matter if the child is a minority or if all are brothers and sisters. You do not get money from the adoption agency. When the adoption is final and you complete all the forms for the government and register your children, so on and so on, on your taxes you will recieve money back for each child. You will recieve more money if the child is younger. When the child is 18 you will no longer recieve money. (Keep in mind the money you recieve is only around 1,000 dollars for each child).
And yes, you DO end up paying for everything on your own. That is how it would be if you had real children. If you adopt a child, he/she is considered part of your family. Therefore you supply the needs and wants of said child.
***The money you get from taxes will not be enough money to pay for each child***
The government will not help you with food, living, education, clothing, misc. expenses. Don't expect them to. YOU will be paying for the children.

no, the state pays you some money to make up for the cost of taking care of them... Best of Luck.

Waiting for Baby
In Texas they give you what they call an adoption subsidy, which you receive monthly. The subsidy depends on age, minority status, sibling group, and handicapping conditions. They also have medicaid and their tuition is paid for. That said, fostering and adopting is not to make money. In fact the agency checks to make sure you can afford the children without subsidy before placing them.

Tanya L
Yes, you do receive money! You receive what is called an adoption subsidy. If the children are special needs, you receive more. The subsidy is monthly. If the children are from deceased parents you receive Social Security. Depending on who handled the adoption, you can receive more. For example, if Catholic Social Services handled it, the children may be eligible for free or discounted Catholic educations. Good luck

There is a tax credit for the costs associated with adoption.
Also, in some cases, employers have programs that reimburse you for a portion of the costs.

Bottom line is that you may get some of the money that you spent back, but I am not aware of any program that pays you to adopt.

ok... first, i fail to understand why the "minority status" of these children is even important to this discourse? /rant

although i'm NOT a big fan of infant adoption, i DO fully support foster/sibling adoption...if the main focus is on the children's happiness.

to my knowledge (my brother and sil adopted siblings from foster care) there is *some* assistance available to aparents that foster to adopt or adopt foster children (w/o fostering them first). this is the case in ohio, i'm not sure about other states.

i would suggest checking with your local department of human services to see exactly what they provide.

also, realize that using the variable "minority" when suggesting advice regarding being paid to adopt, resonnates quite negatively with certain people. it can be read as condenscending; and an attempt to justify *why* one would need money. i read it as, "if i adopt these 5 minority kids, do i get paid??"... i'm sure that not your intend, but i just wanted to let you know how some might perceive it. ciao-

In Texas it used to be that if you adopted children who met certain criteria, you were helped financially. Family groups, older children & disabled children are three that come to mind. When we adopted our second child we were told there was good news and bad news. Bad news - no financial help. Good news - we got ourselves a wonderfully healthy baby!!

All this info is from adopting thru the state. I don't know how it is thru a private adoption agency.

It depends on the situation. I know a gal who adopted her 3 cousins after their parents died and she receives Social Security for them even though she has ADOPTED and is not just their guardian. If you are thinking about it, contact the social worker and find out. Sibling groups are often hard to place, partly due to the finances, so often come with some additional stuff in place.

BPD Wife
Several answers you have received are correct. If a child is a foster child through the state, there is a monthly stipend to assist with expenses.

In some cases, there is adoption assistance available from the state but it is typically a one time thing to help with adoption costs - in our case it was $2000.

However, if a child is considered "special needs", the state can provide you with a "special needs" subsidy on a monthly basis if you are approved. In our son's case, he qualified for medical assistance and a monthly stipend to assist with medical expenses.

Hope that helps.

NO! The only ones making any money are lawyers and the adoption agencies who claim tax free status. Adoption should never be about money. When you adopt, you pay for everything on your own. At least, I have. Must be different for domestic adoptions.

I don't know nor want to know where s---- gets off saying "your heart is in the right place". Just proves that all she cares about is THE MONEY$$$$$$$.

I guess it depends on where you adopt. When we first brought our son home, he was in the fost/adopt program in Los Angeles County. We were given a stipend each month to help pay for his needs (clothing, food, medicine, etc.). That stipend continued after we adopted him -- it's called Adoption Assistance. The money increases in small amounts on certain birthdays and it continues until he is 18 years old. We are using this money for his college education.

Why am I getting thumbs down for my answer? Nothing I said here was opinion; it's all fact.

rand a
if they have disabilities you could get mega bucks. its outrageous how much money the welfare system gives away.

the truth
I think the current rate is $1,000,000 per child.

I have adopted my 8year old neice, I'm 31 single father living on disability due to my blindness, I have never asked for some penny from the government I paid a a lot of money for attorney fees, court documents if any one here is saying people only adpote for money they are dead wrong I took my 8 year old because I love her,I don't pay taxes so I will never get money back at tax time, as for race its sad to know or think that because your black Mexican you go to front of the line how sad America has became

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