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Why are more people adopting from foreign countries rather than the USA?
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Why are more people adopting from foreign countries rather than the USA?

I don't understand the big deal as to why more people are adopting foreign babies. Wouldn't people think to help their own? There are millions of american children praying for permanent homes. I understand completely the poverty levels,malnutrtion in other countries, but what do you think the reasons are why people adopt globally? Do you think its fair to American people or your homeland persay?

The children in Africa, China, and other countries suffer from physical abnormalities, pyschological issues..as well as American children..I hear you can get a special "discount" for these types of children..it just sickens me...there are many innocent children in the USA who would kill for a permanent home..
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this question has nothing to do with me being influenced by the media. I have tons of friends who are spending thousands upon thousands of dollars on adopting from other countries rather than the US...they even take out loans to adopt these children...


Heather B
I'm so sorry about some of the ignorant answers you are getting to your question.

Who said crack baby? who the heck is calling me a crack baby

Disrespect our Mom's and you disrespect adoptees, why don't people get that

And not wanting your child to know their birthparents is no reason to go abroad to find a child to adopt. Every child deserves to know who their birthparents were, if at all possible. It is selfish of adoptive parents to keep this information from an adopte intentionally


Can I just say that most of the answers here have completely shocked me.

These children - whether babies or older children - have come from another family.

Say that to yourself again - they have some FROM ANOTHER FAMILY - NOT from you.

To disrespect that family - is to disrespect the adoptee.
Please - do some serious research into adoption - and the effects of relinquishment on the child.

IF a child is not able to grow with the parents that bore him/her - then other arrangements should be made - yep - that's a given.

BUT - if anyone wants to have a child that is COMPLETELY theres - then the only way is biologically.

No kidding around - that is the ONLY way you can be assured of having a child that is truly - heart and soul - yours.

Adopted children have 2 set of parents - 2 mums and 2 dads.
The ownership that some here are crowing over - is - quite frankly - disgusting.
I was adopted 14 days after birth - I have ALWAYS felt an absence of my mother in my heart and soul.
I have always longed to know who she is.

And that is OK.

I was part of her - for crying out loud.
We bonded while I grew in her womb.
9 months.
Please try to fully grasp this concept - it's important.

No - not ALL adoptees feel the same way - but a hell of a lot do.
If you deny the adoptee knowledge and contact with the biological family - you will be causing greater psychological damage on the child in the long run.

It is NOT about YOU - the one that wants a child.

It is about THE CHILD - caring for THE CHILD - giving THE CHILD unconditional love - and allowing THE CHILD to love all the family that they possess - both biological and adoptive.

If you want it to be different - then you really shouldn't adopt.

Or you'll just end up hurting THE CHILD.

There are soooooooo many myths in some of these answers, I'm appalled. Why do people answer when they obviously don't have correct information? Let's get rid of some of the myths. Here are some facts:

Domestic adoption is cheaper than international. Domestic adoption from U. S. foster care is FREE or nearly free. Domestic infant adoption is, on average, about $10,000 less than most international adoptions.

Domestic adoption does NOT take longer than international adoption. Some people who adopt domestically do it in a matter of months... some do wait a couple years (that happens in some international adoptions, too, though).

Birth parents in infant domestic adoptions do NOT have a ton of rights. In some ways, we actually have fewer rights than birth parents in other countries... we don't have to sign off four different times on relinquishment paperwork, for example. And international adoptions from some countries CAN be stopped if the biological mom changes her mind (Guatemala, Russia, for example)--people CAN lose referrals. Birth parents in domestic adoptions CANNOT overturn an adoption years later--we have a small window of time, called the revocation period (in some states, not all) in which to change our minds--this period is at most 30 days; and in no case can we overturn a legal, finalized adoption.

Children from international adoptions can have just as many issues as children from U.S. foster care. Attachment disorders aren't uncommon in international adoption.

It is possible to adopt from foster care WITHOUT having the legal risk of family reunification... people can choose to adopt a child whose parents' rights have already been terminated, a child whose goal is (sadly) no longer reunification with their biological family.

Many international adoptees DO want to look for their biological families.

Did I miss any? I'm sure I did. But that'll have to do.

Now... as for why people choose to adopt internationally: some people DO actually believe the myths propagated here and thus go international. It's ridiculous, but they choose their method of adoption based on completely incorrect information. But there are a myriad of other possible reasons for why some people go international, too: from having visited a country and developing a heart for children of that nationality, to wanting to avoid open adoptions and biological parents (shame on them for that!), to wanting to avoid adopting a black child (shame on them, too), and on and on.

I, too, personally wish more people would adopt from U.S. foster care. Those children who age out of the system usually fare HORRIBLY as young adults. The percentages who end up homeless or in prison are staggering.

There will always be people willing and wanting to adopt infants and toddlers.... and not all infants and toddlers who are relinquished for adoption TRULY need homes, not all actually came from dysfunctional homes. But older kids in U.S. foster care? THEY need homes.

although i agree that it is "unfair" to American children, there may be a stigma that American children in social services are damaged and no one want them while people believe in foreign countries the children are orphans because they are poor. Adoptees(?) in America get a tax credit for adopting American children so i don't think that is the motivation. For some reason, an African national baby is better received than an African American baby; a Vietnamese better than a Vietnamese American. As if simply being in this country somehow 'damages' children. I don't see how the socio-economic and racial issues of America are less dramatic that the issues that face many of these war-torn, impovershed countries. This leads to my final reason; many philanthropic, yet misguided Americans feel they are rescuing these children and that the American welfare and social system will 'take care' of its own. They are sadly mistaken.

I have often debated that same question. Along with the charities that help people overseas. There are children living/dying on the streets right in our own country. So many people living and barely making it below poverty level. I do not disagree with helping others, but lets help ourselves too. If my "neighbors" in the alley were wearing rags, begging for food, and trying to sooth their empty hearts, I would help them first.

Elizabeth J
"Help their own"?

A baby in need is a baby in need!

And the worst orphange in the US is far better conditions than those in Malaysia!!

You should really polish your halo, it's getting a little tarnished.

This is a very thought provoking question. It made me rethink our motive(s) for participating in adoption. We all want and need to "belong" to someone and someone to "belong" to. I'm not talking about ownership. I'm talking about being a part of this wonderful body called "family". In this desire to satisfy this need or want or whatever we may call it...it's strong and our emotions and minds often get intertwined that it's easy to lose our focus. So...adoption is a wonderfully viable avenue that attempts to address this need of ours...particularly for those who are not able to fulfill this need. That maybe, due to biological , environmental, cultural or economic constraints. But we must never forget it is about the children and everything that they come with...even the hurt or fear we may experience when they exhibit a desire to know where they came from and who they came from. Even if it is from afar. They have a right to know..all sides. Perhaps gradually, in small doses as soon as they are able to process the information...You have inspired me and encouraged me with this question. But you and the community that have submitted their answers have sobered me and caused me to be truthful to myself and aware of what the real issue in adoptions are. Thank you. I'm looking at home first though. Just because that's my preference. No other reason at all.

Peace Yo
1. Some people think globally, outside our borders and go where the need is greater.

2. Third world countries have no social services. If a child is orphaned or can not be taken care of by his/her family they will likely die of starvation, dehydration, lack of simple medical care, exposure to the elements etc.

3. Families are not pressured to accept a pre birth "match" which often leads to heartbreak. Children in other countries are institutionalized or in foster care until the adoption is completed. Families do not bond with a child (during revocation period) or the idea of a child (during "match") until he/she is their legally adopted child.

4. Adopting from foster care in the US is not easy by any means. It is emotionally taxing and often leads to heartbreak because our foster care professionals are over worked. Additionally it is quite invasive.

The fees involved in international adoption are no less than that of domestic infant adoption. As far as paper work, procedures and clearances it is far more difficult. You have to go through local government, state government, the federal government and then you are picked apart by the country government in which you are adopting. Families DO NOT choose international adoption because it is easier or faster.

It is disappointing to see someone ask "why adopt internationally rather than in the USA?" and then go on to insult those who take the time to answer. It makes it very clear to me why there is so much suffering outside our borders and so much wealth and luxury here. Many people apparently don't give a shiz about people who are not American. That is a sad sad shame because men, women and children are dying outside of our borders over simple basic human needs.

The adoption agencies in the U.S have a lot harder rules to go by, vs other 3 world countries that are willing to make it a lot easier for american couples to adopt.
Prime example is Angelina Jolie has adopted 3 kids all from 3 rd world countries.

I cannot believe Sheritols GYN has a "waiting list" for adoption. Did I read that right?

double take...yeah, i did. Does anyone else see how highly unethical that would be? That should be illegal. So what, a girl goes to her for a "check up" shes pregnant and the OBGYN sets up a private adoption? Does she do the counseling too? And what will she say to the adoptee when the adoptee comes looking for her in 20 years? Will she give them the information they're looking for? I wonder how much she makes off of her little child trafficing market? One can only guess.

I can't believe what I have read above that either.

Homestudies and the adoption classes need to be much more informative. I can't even believe people were allowed to adopt under the assumptions above. Ladies and gentlement, you have just witnessed propoganda at its best. Welcome to the NCFA. My good God.

I'm sure some adoptive parents have good intentions. I know some who do who have adopted from overseas. They however are not in the majority and I think, from what I have read, and the uneducated replies here alone tell me that at least these yahoo adopters are self entitled and un-adoptee-educated.

Its a shame really. I cringe for what their adopted children are going through. Thank GOD my a-parents aren't like that.

The Truth and Justice always prevail.

I don't think more people are adopting from foreign countries than the US. Even with the recent popularity of international adoption, I think international adoptions only account for about 20% of the overall adoptions that take place in the USA. They're just in the news more, may be more common in your particular circle of friends...and perhaps more visible on the street.

ETA to Gershom: I'm pretty sure that a lot of the people who have answered this question are not IA parents themselves. They're giving the answers that they heard from their "co-worker's wife's hairdresser's cousin's neighbor who adopted from ___." I totally agree that pre-adoption education needs to be better, but I'm pretty sure many of the people above haven't had *any.*

Wow...I mean some of the answers on here have been really racist and mean as well. I have no problem with anyone adopting any child because they are getting a home and love and thats not to be knocked down, regardless what country they come from. However, that myth that American kids in foster care or waiting to be adopted have it better is a falsity
and I am a bit tired of hearing it. There are kids here starving, being abused, sleeping in cars or on the street as well. There are kids in the foster care program that have been in there since they were young and will be until they are too "old" to be adopted. To "lum" umm they cannot get "white babies" whoa, people are adopting Chinese, Vietnamese and African children, as far as I know they are not "white" so I really do not think that is a reason people adopt overseas. It might be easier on some levels, yes, to get a baby overseas. which I think, honestly, is one of the main reasons people adopt from overseas.

But if people open their hearts what is wrong with an older child? ALL babies have personalities and its just their environment that shapes them. So what if an older child has a personality formed. They need and want a family and love just as much as anyone would and will work to fit in with their new family to belong.

I understand people who cannot have babies on their own wanting to have the baby experience. But people act like these older children are the plague or that American babies have too many issues to be adopted! Neither are true.

If adoption is about love than it should not matter the color or the country that a child is/comes from as long as they can be given a family and love.

There are plenty of babies from other countries that have emotional issues. NOT ALL babies in the adoption care system here are from crack parents or the like. Some have been abused and/or have lost the only family they have, leaving them orphaned.

If you adopt thats awesome ,from anywhere, because its a certain type of kindness to open ones heart to a child period and want to give them a better life, it makes you a special person in my book, regardless of where that kid comes from or their ethnicity.

I would myself like to see more kids being adopted from the American system, just because, well I live here; for one, and there are SO many children in the system that never get a home or love and I don't think thats wrong to want them to be adopted.

BTW as a note, there are loads of people from other Countries adopting American kids now, all ethnicities too and those with crack addictions and emotional issues!(a lot of Canadian families for instance, GOD bless them:)), so to that person who said such harsh things about American kids, obviously they think there is something right about them.

And before anyone gives one of those "what are you doing about it" comments to me. I AM doing something. I talk and I do what I believe in.

At the moment my family is currently in the process of adopting an older child out of foster care. I am praying I get this child as I do not want them to be in the foster care system until they are 18 and get booted out basically. And I find it extremely sad that people have anything negative to say about anyone wanting to give love to a child regardless if they are from America or any other country. Or that anyone defends their right to adopt from another country by saying negative things about the children here, thats just mean.

I was in foster care because my birth mom had an emotional break down (to the person who said all American babies are in foster care because their parents are on drugs or are lazy, SHAME on you, that is so ignorant and just idiotic) luckily my birth father found us at 3 and he had to go through the adoption process to get us along with my adopted mom. I met my birth mom and I love her, but I do not for one second regret the fact that I went to my dad and my adopted mom, she never once treated me like I was not born from her.

Adoption is a beautiful thing and its rude of some of these people to compare it...like who is worthy of being adopted and who isn't.

Mom to 7yr old and 10 month old and hopefully an 11yr old adopted child.

EP...I was not talking about you, another guy on here said that " ALL"American babies are in foster care because their moms were on crack or lazy". And btw when someone makes a generalized statement than that is a bit ignorant and idiotic so I do not feel bad about saying that at all. No one can say ALL and actually make that intelligent as no one in the world has met ALL people or done ALL of anything. I don't judge people by anyone else but by what they say and do;)...so I am not judging you or anyone else, However, if someone is rude or mean then yes I will say something...

As far as my mom, umm emotional breakdowns have nothing to do with how hard someone works or not, she had a mental issue, one that she needed help for. So no, I don't think she was lazy, not one bit, she knew she had an issue that was dangerous to her children so she gave us up to keep us safe and offer us a stable and loving environment. She loved us enough to let us go. If that makes her a bad person to people so be it. But to me she is awesome. And my dad did not know about us because again, she had mental issues and so did not tell him about us, as soon as the foster care agency found him and let him know he was on the plane at 20 yrs old to come and get two twin 3 yr olds he had never met. My dad rocks! So does my adopted mom!

Adoption is awesome and I support it from ANY country. Like I said before it isn't right to say mean things about kids in this country to defend people adopting from others. And I have the right to my opinion.

Captain Hammer
My wife and I decided on international adoption because while it can take longer, tehre is less uncertainty in the process. With domestic infant adoptions, you are basically advertising yourselves to mothers, and while it can happen very quickly, there is no guarantee that you will ever be chosen, and if you are, then there is still the possibility of the mother changing her mind, or of the father challenging the process. Also, we live in a state where the DHS is extremely reluctant to terminate parental rights which makes adopting through the foster care system problematic. I can't speak for anyone else, but adopting internationally was the right choice for us, but the choice of which type of adoption to pursue is a choice that each family has to make based on their own situation.

I have to agree 100% with Lum and I am very sorry to the person who asked this question I do not believe you have travled and seen these things or you wouldn't feel the need post this question. I am from American and I am living in Romania working with these kids who are abandoned and I have seen it first hand. It is not something you easily forget and answers this question without a doubt.

They just feel sorry for them more than ones from the us

The same reason our government gives billions in foreign aid all over the world year after year while our own country falls to shambles and is infested by illegal immigrants.

Adopting in the USA is far more expensive and takes much longer...some parents don't want to wait nor have the financial means

I would say that the children in foster care in America are there because of their birthparents being irresponsible and lazy. If you have a child you work your butt of to raise unless you are selfish then you give it way. It is not the same with the 3rd world countries. There is where the real poverty is and birth parents won't have as many chances as the birthparents in the states. So once again it is very selfish to say why not adopting in the states. Adoptive parents have a choice and respect it.

To Kann: If you were directed to me about being idiotic then I would tell you this: You don't know me therefore for you to judge it is not that smart.

If I said that the American kids are in foster care because their birth parens are irresponsible of course I don't mean all of them ... but the majority of I would say so. Sorry to hear about your mother having an emotinal break down (..but isn't that irresponsible? ... I know that she might not have been able to control herself but what about her family or your father? ) and please do not call names (do not judge) on people. Everybody is in title to their opinion and I respect yours. You should learn to respect mine an others opinion who are not the same like yours. That is what is called an adult world.

It isn't actually a preference its people desperate for a child to call their own. The Government makes it to hard on people and it actually costs thousands more to adopt here. Other countries have laxer laws and it is less expensive. I do agree however that we need to adopt children here who need it just as bad, but until the government changes a few laws people will keep adopting from other countries.

I'd imagine that more people adopt inside the country than outside, it's quite a hassle to get and keep someone in the country, where have you done your research, probably reading to many tabloids thinking all of america is a handful of celebrities

cheri h
because the rules there are less strict when it comes to age, or being gay.

I looked into using a US adoption agency and the agency fees to adopt one child (infant) was more than the agency fees for the adoption of my two children.

US adoptions are complicated. I'm not trying to get into a discussion about the rights of birth mothers, but when children are in the foster care system right now often parental rights are not fully terminated. Things happen and sometimes the birth parents will be able to take custody of the children again. So the potential adoptive parent loses the child they had been caring for and that can be a devastating blow.

When you adopt a child from overseas, parental rights have already been terminated. These legal manuverings have been completed. When you are given a referral for a baby (in most countries, I can't speak for all countries) they are ready to be adopted as long as you are approved by the court.

Personally I could not go through having my heart broken that way. I wanted to know the children who would join my family were legally ready to do so. Right or wrong, that's how I felt and why I went overseas.

I know, it is a shame that American babies without homes and families are being ignored for the sake of one African or Cambodian child. It is like asking why the government spends so much on other countries when there are starving and homeless people right here at their doorstep. It doesn't make sense. It is awful that any child has to go without a loving parent but there are many children in the US who are living in foster homes who deserve the national attention that someone like, say Maddox Pitt-Jolie, gets.

I totally agree with you - my husband and I were on a waiting list for over 8 years in the United States when I said I wanted a baby now and couldnt wait - we decided to adopt from China because I wanted a girl for sure as I already had a bio son - I was on heavy duty medication and didnt want to risk birth defects - it was about $20,000 to adopt from china 10 years ago and that was air fare/paperwork/hotels and much much more. I am still on the waiting list - though I also put my name on my GYN's list and got a call 1 year after I adopted my daughter. The US has tons of families ready and willing to adopt but its not easy in the states.

An American Orphan is looked at higher then an orphan from another country. Many of the orphans in other countries though some have a loving staff are not in the greatest living conditions, some of the orphanages are overcrowded etc Orphans here have the opportunity to get a good education, we have decent and good health care and they can typical further themselves in their adult life’s. Just by the resources that living in the states provide them.

Birthparents changing their minds. If one adopts from a foreign country there is typical very small chance if any that birth parent will change his or her mind. Most of the children have been abandoned or their parents have died.

Many more people are doing open or semi open adoptions. Again adopting from a foreign country its unlikely you’ll have an open adoption.

Sometimes if someone wants a health white infant or toddler it can take a much longer time. A friends Aunt and Uncle were on the adoption list for at least 6 years. They finale adopted from Russia and got a child in I believe roughly year in 1/2 . I read something that your seeing a lot of foreign countries adopt US minority children. There are a lot of white couples from Canada, UK a few others that are adopting US black children, mixed raced etc.

Unless you have personally tried to adopt in US you have no idea how difficult it is. It costs more, waits are much longer and there is a great likelihood that you end up with a crack baby. It is very unlikely that you get a brand new baby. It is easier to adopt older children but by then their personalities have shaped. Foreign adoptions are much easier, less rules and the best thing about it is that the when the baby grows up he won't try to find his biological family.

The poverty here pales in comparison to what exists in third world countries both in extent and number. There is simply a lack of resources in these third world countries. Less food, difficult to find shelter, and unavailable health care. You are right - there are children in America that need help as well. However, in America, there is much assistance such as welfare and orphanages. In terms of numbers, what we are not always exposed to is the sheer number of babies and children that die due to malnutrition in third world countries. It is sad for me to hear your question because it means that poverty in other countries is not conveyed to Americans. It is those people that understand the extent of suffer in other countries that volunteer to help.

Another big reason why you see many people with foreign babies is because it's not easy to get "white baby". There is often a very high preference and demand for getting white babies. In the cases where people want babies so badly and are unable to get a white one, they learn that getting a baby from another country is more achievable.

I hope that helps and you understand that it's not about not being fair to Americans. Americans are already incredibly privileged compared to a majority of other countries. I hope you get the opportunity to travel and see how poorer countries live as I think it will clarify and be an enlightening experience everyone should partake.

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