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About LIFE INSURANCE, I'm a beneficiary but I live outside the country, how can I claim what's for me?
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About LIFE INSURANCE, I'm a beneficiary but I live outside the country, how can I claim what's for me?

My father had recently passed away. I'm one of his beneficiary in his life insurance. I live outside the United States, but I'm an American citizen. Also, I don't even know what Insurance company it is because my step-siblings won't even tell me anything about it.
I need advice and help. Thank you.


The insurance company will deposit the money in an overseas account if you have one or in an account in the US. If you are listed on the policy as a beneficiary they will not pay the money to someone else.

to claim you must know some inf
you must be aware of if your siblings brothers claiming for you, court may give the right to your older sibling and you are not going to see not even the check or money

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