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Born of Cypriot parents in the UK, can I live in Cyprus?
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Born of Cypriot parents in the UK, can I live in Cyprus?

I'm of Cypriot origin although I was born the UK. I've been told that I cant live in Cyprus unless I do military service. Could someone shed some light on this subject? How long? etc. etc. Thx.


Come to Cyprus and do your time like a man.

Half Cyprus is under turkish occupation. We have to defend our land from the enemy.

Don't worry, you will not do more than 6 months, maybe less. For more information contact the National Guard.


‚ô™‚ô™ vivet ‚ô™‚ô™
If your father is Cypriot, if you have Cy passport and ID - you will have to go to the army for max of 6 months.
If both above are 'yes' - but you were not baptized orthodox you are not going to the army.
As you want to live in Cyprus, it is your personal obligation to do military service for your country and your people: Cypriots are proud to have their son in the army !

Cyprus is now in the common market you can go and live there as your status it may be wise to get in touch with the Embassy I know my Brother in law was liable when he went on holidays 10 years ago ,as his dad was born their but things may have change now but going to live there would be a different story make sure before you go

Yes ! you can live in Cyprus but you then give up your rights as a British citizen and must do Military Service unless you can prove you are not in good health ! A similar situation is that of any one born in the British Isles of American parentage they must do Military Service in U.S.A. Best contact the Cypriot Embassy for does and don'ts I believe it is 3 years,

Cyprus has compulsory military service for all Greek Cypriot men between the ages of eighteen and fifty. Military service lasts for twenty-five months. After that, ex-soldiers are considered reservists and participate in military exercises for a few days every year. Conscientious objectors can either do thirty three months unarmed service in the army or thirty eight months community work. See official pages by the Greek Cypriot National Guard. Legislation and practice relating to civilian alternatives to military service remained punitive in nature, although new legislation which came into force in 2004 reduced the length of such alternative service. The Special Committee, which makes recommendations on applications for conscientious objection, proposed a blanket rejection of applications based on ideological grounds where applicants do not declare particular beliefs.
The Annan Plan for Cyprus that was rejected in the 2004 referendum mandated the demilitarisation of the island and the disbanding of both Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot forces.
so therefore as a UK citizen, yes you will loose your citizenship;
you may never serve in an another country, if you were to have dual citizenship. that is one of the rules ,that is highly applied by most countries.you would forfeit the first one.
and if you go? yes you will have to do services for the military , and therefore, loose UK citizenhip.

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