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How can I become a foreign diplomat?
Find answers to your legal question.

How can I become a foreign diplomat?

...More specifically, working for the Canadian embassy, preferrably in northwestern Europe (Brussels, etc.)?

What education would I need (major)?
What job experience would I need (where should I start volunteering or what sector should I gain experience in)?
What life experiences do I need to have?
...and anything else you can think of.

I'm a Canadian university student at a crossroad here!


Rowena D
You can work for embassy or foreign mission either as a diplomat or locally employed staff member (you enjoy some benefits, but you don't have diplomatic status). Now, you can become honorary consul only if you have particularly strong ties with the country you are appointed to (plus it's honorary title, no money, just benefits). If you would like to work in the Canadian embassy in Northwest Europe you would either have to be Canadian citizen or have really strong ties with the country you want to work in (language skills help). You should apply for the job to Ministry of Foreign Affairs - you might spend couple of years just doing desk job in Canada before you get appointed to your first post.
When you apply for diplomatic jobs in UK you have two tracks - slow and fast one. If you pass the test you can go for fast track diplomatic career - you will get promoted faster and you will not start from the lowest positions. I don't know how it works in Canada, but I guess that following things help when trying to become diplomat:
- knowledge of languages
- degree in the international relations, politics, law, economics or arts (remember there are different posts within embassy - commercial officer, military officer, cultural officer - nobody is just "staff" but everybody have a precise role and job description)
- experience working with/in government
- good network of international and local contacts
Good luck!

It helps to be gay.

If you are actually not that strict limited to your country only, then you may want to buy a honorary counsil position from a smaller country, like Belize or Georgia. They badly need cash and you would be:
a). Enjoying all the perks of a CD worker like free travel around the worlds;
b). Gaining diplomatic experience for your CV for the future job.

In the Bush administration, the best route to a top job in the state department has nothing to do with foreign service expertise and experience. Examples: Karen Hughes, Undersecretary of State for Diplomacy began her career as a local television reporter in Texas; John Bolton, UN Ambassador, long-time conservative lobbyist and contrarian got his start by lobbying against Iran-Contra investigations then worked for conservative think tank; Condi Rice, Secretary of State was provost in small private university seven years ago then National Security Advisor when national security was breached on 9/11. Seems like becoming a Repulbican fund raiser might be a good plan.

If you are an American the best place to start, as a university student, is career fairs since various gov't agencies frequent them, or checking the website USAJOBS.

As for Canada, I would ask your country's state department. . perhaps send an email to your government to find out exactly what you should do. . or, as a student you may have another option:

Check your university campus for government liaisons! In the U.S. the State Department appoints ambassadors "in residence" to certain universities around the country. Find out if an ambassador-in-residence is on your campus, or if the political science dept knows how you might get in touch with the appropriate person to start your search for information.

Good luck!

Lola P
you probably should go to school for international studies or political science...however, with just a bachelor's, you might not get very far...you probably need to get your doctorate (phd) as well.

can anybody provide me with an effective way to become a diplomat in canada. i am an immigrant

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