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How can I bring my GF a russian citizen in the USA?
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How can I bring my GF a russian citizen in the USA?

She is a Russian citizen who lives and works in Bulgaria. She has been to the USA on a work visa a few years ago. She has a degree so I don't think a work visa is possible. What do we need to do to get her back in the USA and how much is it going to cost us?
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She is a Russian citizen who lives and works in Bulgaria. She has been to the USA on a work visa a few years ago. She has a degree so I don't think a work visa is possible. What do we need to do to get her back in the USA and how much is it going to cost us? We are not looking to gat married at this point in our relationship. That may be the case down the road but not right now.


Misis ni KC
If your intention is to bring her over and marry her, you can file a K-1 visa petition for her.You can read the requirements and download forms needed at www.uscis.gov.The cost for her petition will depend if you are going to do the filing on your own or you will hire an immigration lawyer to help you out.

If she has a job and has already worked in the US, she should not have any problem getting a tourist visa to the US, which will allow her to stay for up to 90 days. She just has to apply through the US Embassy in Bulgaria. She will normally need to show 3 months of paychecks and/or bank statements, as well as a letter from her employer stating that she is in full-time employment and will be returning to her job after her visit.

Then after you spend 3 months together and she goes home, if you decide you do want to get married, then you would file for a K1 Fiance visa for her.

You'll need to bring her over on a status of a Fiance, and once she's granted a visa, you'll have I think 90 days to marry her. As far as costs I'm not sure, you'll probably need to go over there to do it though, go to the embassy with her on the interview. DON'T marry her in Russia, and then try to bring her abroad, they will let her out after a whole year, but if you actually go over there and make her your fiance, she'll be out in a month or two at best.

Marry Her!!!

Im planning on hiring a lawer to get my fiance visa! I have read that we need to meet in person in order to be granted a visa! Is it best to go to Russia and meet my fiance before i hire my lawer? do i need a visa to go to Russia to visit her in August??

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