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How can I maintain my US Citizenship while living in a foreign country?
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How can I maintain my US Citizenship while living in a foreign country?

I plan on living with my wife and son in my wife's country of Colombia. I am a US Citizen, born in the US. How can I maintain my US Citizenship while living in a foreign country?


Prison officer
I am an American living in Colombia for the past 16 years. There is no problem. You are American for life unless you renounce your citizenship before a consular officer at the American Embassy in Bogota.
Also learn some Spanish. It will be helpful in your interactions with the population here.

Liberal AssKicker
Your citizenship is permenant.

Just keep renewing your passport.

You don't need to maintain it. The only way you can lose US citizenship is if you renounce it before a US embassy. Even renouncing it as part of an oath of citizenship to another country doesn't count.

as an US citizen? you are free to live anywhere you so wish, with no restrictions imposed.
you might want to register yourself to the embassy,in case of future needs,(birth certificate,emergency,passports,consular help)

here is the link of US citizen registration :

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