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How can i claim my prizes from free lotto.com?
Find answers to your legal question.

How can i claim my prizes from free lotto.com?


I'm almost positive it's a scam

Steve E
June 24,3989 at 3AM. You must be present to win.

send me $7600. to cover the local taxes as well as the importation cost associated with bringing foreign currency,and my fees for doing the paperwork,meet me under the Brooklyn bridge at midnight,have the money in an envelope in non-sequential order. DUH

It should be a website for where you buying it at. Look at the back of your ticket, maybe it will be there. Yahoo it!!!

please do know that most mails you get from unknown people ? are scams and you should not even answer them ; unfortunately many scams exist to lure people .
more than likely you did not ask for anything ? so , beware .........

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