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How can you take action against US embassy in India if they do some blunders while taking visa interviews?
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How can you take action against US embassy in India if they do some blunders while taking visa interviews?


George L
Yak Rider is correct, you can't take legal action against the embassy. Under US law, you don't have a legal right to a nonimmigrant visa. Indian law does not prevail in US visa decisions and cannot be applied against diplomats covered by diplomatic immunity in a personal civil suit.

Yak Rider
There's no action you can take.

Blunders? Your lack of definition of the situation provides no alternative other than to say "No" - if you mean legal action. If you mean filing a complaint, that is certainly permissible. Perhaps you could provide more specific information....

Stan P
If you wish to complain, you may write a letter to the U.S. Ambassador. He or she is in charge of the diplomatic mission there.

If you do this, you will have to be far more SPECIFIC than your question above.

what kind of blunders?

Well that would be interesting. You can't take them to court because they're on US soil so they fall under American law.

You can write a letter of complaint to the manager/director of the US embassy there about the service provided.

Depends what type of blunders.

what blunders? they have a prerogative to give or deny you the visa, there is no provision for suing them

i would think that no Attorney in the world would take your case against the US government,
you did not mention what blunders ? were you mistreated? treated without respect?
if you have complaints? you may write to them, but take action against US Embassy ? i would be a waste of your time .

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