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How do i find out if someone has a travel visa to come to the us?
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How do i find out if someone has a travel visa to come to the us?

i have been communicating with someone in accra ghana.she says she wants to come to the us to meet me and possably stay.i sent her $150 to get her visa and want to find out if she has it before i send money for a passport


In addition to the rest of the excellent advice you are getting, bear in mind that she needed a passport FIRST, in order to GET the visa. This is obvious fraud.

If you want to donate money to Africa, sent it to a children's relief agency, instead.

Yak Rider
Call the embassy in Ghana. They'll tell you you are getting ripped off.

6th and 10th Lanes, Osu
Telephone: (233) 21-776-601/602
Fax: (233) 21-701-1813
After Hours Emergency: (233) 21-775-297
Email: acsaccra@state.gov

PS. Photo copies of a visa are worthless. There's a big scam from Russia and the Ukrain where they send the "mark" a photo copy to keep the money coming. Send me your picture and I'll send it back with you standing next to Elvis if you don't believe me.

Hugo P
Well it is a bit more complicated than that.
There's a number of countries which its citizens don't need a visa to enter the U.S. (providing they are not planning to stay longer than 3 months), but I dont believe ghana is actually one of those countries. If she does need a visa anyway it will be at some cost, and as soon as she has the stamp on her passport she can probably just scan it or take a photocopy and have it sent to you.
Just be aware that she cannot get a visa if she doesnt even have a passport. First passport, than visa.

Spotter 888
You are lucky having everyone give good advice. Just say that she is on the up and up. Ask her to photocopy her passport before sending anymore funds. I am sure the $150 you sent is more than enough for that. BTW, if she can't pay for her passport and visa does it mean you will be sending funds for her plane ticket as well? To answer your question, short of asking the person, the embassy will not tell you.**

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