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How do you find out your old passport numbers (British passport)?
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How do you find out your old passport numbers (British passport)?

I have to give a list of all the passports numbers I've ever had for an immigration document. I've had at least 5 over the years (I travel a lot and therefore go through them pretty quickly), but have no idea what their numbers are except the most recent which I currently have.

NB These are BRITISH passports.


Mr Hex Vision
I would phone a issuing office, they would if anyone keep a record of your old passport numbers. I would guess for secity reasons there would be a bunch of forms to fill in as well.

Request the administrative officer of the Foreign Affairs because they have the records.

Bart S
If you don't know, don't worry about it. They will be able to find out from the name of the issuing office (Peterborough, Petty France etc.) which you should be able to remember, and the approximate date of issue.
The most important seems to be the first one you ever had.

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