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How long it will take for authentication in UAE embassy in Manila?
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How long it will take for authentication in UAE embassy in Manila?

i'm done with DFA so i need to bring it in UAE embassy in Manila.


im here at dubai, how long it will take to atest my diploma and tor to UAE embassy manila? and how much?

benedict cinena
Hi there! I'm currnetly working in Dubai. Would it be possible to authenticate my college degree certificate without my personal appearance in UAE Embassy-Manila? Please help. Thanks..

You cannot bring it yourself to the UAE Embassy; they do not entertain personal appearances anymore. Go to any DHL and they will have this service. You just need to enclose a manager's cheque of PHP1700 for the authentication service. I am not sure how much DHL charges but you can get the documents back within 4-5 days if you are in Manila, minimum 1 week to maximum a month depending on where you are located in the province.

lasa jackaria
hi i wanted to know how much i need to fee for the stamp of power of attorney in uae embassy in philippine. pls i need help

Wanted to know if the payment for Special Power of Attorney Authentication is still P1,700?I do hope you can answer my question. Thank you

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