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How soon can you apply for Philippine passport renewal in Canada?
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How soon can you apply for Philippine passport renewal in Canada?

My Philippine passport will be expiring this December 2009. How soon can I apply for the renewal from within Canada? There is a Philippine consulate office in Toronto and I will be going there this April..Will I be able to renew my passport as early as April even though it will be expiring Dec 2009? And does anybody know how long do I have to wait for my new one? Thanks!


Apply six months before the expiration of your passport because many countries require a six month validity of the passport in order that an alien can enter their country.

maria susan malko
Ilive in halifax nova scotia and am interested to know when are our next schedule our filipino consuls or embassy representatives this year 2013. Iwould appreciate any up date thru my email address ; mariasusan_02@yahoo.com thank yu so very much maria malko

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