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How to bring someone to the USA?
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How to bring someone to the USA?

What is the best way to bring them here? Is it to send that person papers or to go to that country and marry them? Does it cost a lot to bring one person here? How long does it take? I need to know.so please answer me only if you know some information?


You see an immigration consultant so you can file for a K1 visa to bring them to the USA. You have to get married within 90 days of their arrival.

You have to prove you can support them until they are allowed to get a job, about 8 months. An income of at least $30,000 a year is generally needed.

Spotter 888
They can apply for a tourist visa. Nothing says you cannot pay for their plane fare.

honesty hurts
you can find all those answers at visajourney,,,good luck

Big Stick
Hey "Blondie".....

....you can bring them here by plane, boat, car, or if their close enough, try walking.

If they are coming from mexico, i hope they don't make it.If from cuba tell them to hug a log a come across the pacific.

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