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How to get an Apostille of Marriage/Birth/Death Certificates in India (Mumbai)?
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How to get an Apostille of Marriage/Birth/Death Certificates in India (Mumbai)?

I need my marriage certificate, issued May 1994 in Mumbai, to get apostilled.

The School Education and Sports Deparment,4th Floor Mantralaya Annexe will not authenticate anything other than school/college certificates. So where do we need to go in Maharashtra to get the Birth/Death/Marriage certificates authenticated?

The local Mumbai Marriage Registrar provided a photo copy of the original certificate and said he could not provide another original. He then stamped and sealed it. Will this be acceptable at the Home Ministry in New Delhi to get apostilled? Or does it need additional authentication from another Maharashtra Home Department/General Administration department before being presented to the MEA in New Delhi for apostille?

Do you first need to get it authenticated in the state department(i.e Mumbai, Maharashtra) and then apostilled in Home Ministry in New Delhi. If so, what/where is the department in Mumbai that does that authentication.


vijay m Indian Lawyer
For the purpose of Apostillisation there are two processes, firstly all documents should be first authenticated by the designated agencies in the State from where the document has been issued. In case of personal documents such as like birth, death, affidavits, power of attorneys, marriage etc, the State Home Department/General Administration Department are the designated authorities. You need don't require authentication from Ministry of Home Affairs in New Delhi. Second process is Documents attested by this authority then need to be presented to MEA for issue of Apostilles. A fee of Rs. 50/- in form of Postal/Pay Order drawn in favour of PAO, MEA, New Delhi is payable for each Apostille sticker.
The Registrar of Marriages only issues Original Marriage Certificate once & after that only a certified copy of the Original is issue so marked & stamped. You have to contact the State Home Department/General Administration Department, Mumbai & get this Certified Marriage Certificate Authenticated before presenting it for affixation of Apostille Stamp by the MEA in New Delhi. Visit the State Secretariat & contact the State Home Department there for the authentication.

Pallavi Patel
I want to get my Marriage certificate Apostille at Ministry of Home Affairs in New Delhi. Please provide me the Address for the same. How can I do it? What is the exact procedure after marriage certificate get Apostilled at he State Home Department/General Administration Department.

I need my birth certificate having an appostille. Can Home Department/GAM complete the Appostille procedure? or will it be required to present the document to MEA, Delhi after state completes the initial procedure?

I want to appostille kids birth and my marraige certicate both issued in Mumbai.Which government office i need to visit in mumbai.Could you please let me know the location details.Do I have to take appointment for the same.

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