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How to get sponsors for my orphanage from foreign countries?
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How to get sponsors for my orphanage from foreign countries?

i run an orphanage so i'm in need of some sponsors to support my cause...,so how can i get sponsors from foreign countries?
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can anyone tell me how could i get it done thro my emails but anyway i,d have my sponsors periodically updated regarding the happenings at the orphanage


Coordinate with the United Nations in order to contact big time charity groups to support your orphanage.

Johnny B
You have to have something to offer in return.

For example:

If you have a website you can offer them some advertising on the site.

See if they can offer a "sponsor-a-child" through their employment programs to their employees.

You need to be able to show what you are doing with the funds and how it will benefit the children and not yourself.
Are you buying computers?
Educational needs in particular?

If you need specific things approach the companies that make them and see if they can offer you the products instead of cash. Too many charities are corrupt these days.
Are you doing this for them or for you? You have to be genuine.

well, go to the embassy

Evangelist Blessings Chirwa
I am running an orphanage where we have 20 orphans at present who need your support in terms of clothing,food,education,Bibles,Spiritual books and accommodation(as we are renting a house at present for some of these orphans while some of them are still in the streets where we only go and give them food,blankets,clothing and others as per the resources available.). We are based in Cape Town.Please assist the foundation.contact.+27737776828.

Sawyerr A. E
I am a female citizen of Nigeria and it is my dream to run an orphanage in my home state Bayelsa one day.I have the passion and im touched by the suffering of the people despite the rich natural resources the state has been blessed with.I need sincere , committed individuals or organizations to patner with becos i lack funds to kick off.I am not unaware of the insincerity on the net therefore i will like interested parties to confirm my identity before any further discussions.My e-mail address is ayandue@yahoo.com thank you.

moses k chibanda
Please I run an orphanage called welfare concern international and am looking for individual donors to help us fundraise for the orphans we are looking after in livingstone zambia.Use my email for any contacts.

who can sponsor the orphanage hom i wrk for as a volunteeer

Who can sponsor me to open an orphanage here in Dimapur.


please i have an already existing orpanage without a building. my orphans are spread over the whole village with some well to do parents buts are not really handled well. so we need a building for them only and other subsidies. thanks

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I just wanted to take this time to share with you of my burden concerning the Children home that I am running. In my childhood may be when I was 11 years old, I suffered a lot for food and proper shelter due to the poverty and poor condition that prevailed in my family. I happened to be without food continually for 3 days due to the bad situation of my family. I face this difficulty even when my parents are there with me. So a question always arises in me often is that even when I am with my parents I suffer like these for food and proper shelter, so how would the children who are parentless and disabled will survive without food and shelter. From that day on I had a burden to raise a children Home for such children and provide them good food, shelter, etc for them. By the grace of God, at present I am a pastor. With the help of my Lord and with faith, I started a children Home in 2004. We began this Home with 27 children and at present there are 40 children of both boys and girls from 3 to 15 years of age. We are providing them the food, shelter, education, medicine, clothing and Christian discipline. The greatest testimony is that, all the children forgot their idol and began to worship the true and living God. I am able to meet the needs with some local donation. But still many times I faced difficulty financially and it was hard to run the Home. Meanwhile I saw your noble organization sponsoring for orphanages. We are maintaining it properly with the service mind and with godly fear. I just want to ask you whether you can help me in any possible ways. If you need any details, regarding the children home and children, feel free to contact me. I attach the photos here Please pray and consider about it. I am looking forward for your reply. Thanking You, Yours in His service, Rev. J. Solomon. Our contact address, Rev. J. Solomon, New Hope Ministries Govt Registered Organization 117. R. F. Road, Palani – 624601. Tamilnadu, India. Phone: +91 04545 321311 Mobile: 00 9751455 810 E.Mail: shalom_children@rediffmail.com

Shanique Bruce
Greetings in the precious name of Jesus, I just want to say that the Lord had laid it upon my heat to open an orphanage, I am very young and therefore was afraid but I will not be disobedient God and I told myself who said you have to be old to have one you need lots of energy and I really feel the need to do so I know there are alot of orphanages that ill treats the children but my heart goes out to them I don't have the capital to help them I'm a student at a theological Seminary & I really want to make a difference & I am from South Africa please feel the need to help me, thank you very much God bless you

thanks for services that you are offering. i am also inquiring from about whether i can get a sponsor for my education at islamic university in uganda and am an orphan for my parents passed away in 1999 when i was 11years old. otherwise, thanks for whatever you do. may GOD bless you.

awonphang shimray
I Augustine kashung Shimray,a Central Government employee working as Upper Division Clerk in Doordarshan kendra,Imphal,Manipur,India. for the last 23 years and I am running an orphanage since 2001 with the little contribution from World Vision,under Ukhrul District Co-ordinator Mr.Yarsho Keishing & local MLA's contribution,I could hardly pay my teaching staff salaries as such theres no proper building & sanitation.I need a little fund/matirials for construction the same.Fooding,clothing and staff salaries some how I can manage with my little monthly regular salary.I always prayed and will still pray till I get it.

Greeting in the name of Jesus Christ,iam 30 years old female Ugandan own on an orphanage in East Africa kampala Uganda. I started my orphanage in 2010 i have almost i stated with 4 children but now i have 14 children iam here to look for donors who can help me to make it big because ihave alot childrens who needs help, because in my heart i dont want to see any children crying since i grow up motherless without parents i know how it feels to be homeless. please your assist will help us alot thank you here clumanzi@dechrisha.org +256712580855,+256703688436 God bless you all.

Global Orphans' Bright Future Ministries.
I greet you in the name of our almighty father,am a Ugandan based in Busia boarder of Kenya and Uganda.we own an orphanage organization registered with the district(community based organization).we started it in 2007 with 10children and now 45 children, sponsored with clothing medical education and spiritual welfare.i am therefore here looking for donors who can help me support and improve the welfare of these children.and that Donor shall be the Ministry National Director, and will receive all the details of this ministry's orphanage and street children support programmes. Its reasonable beyond dought that most NGOs here in Uganda are not transparent and end up embezzling all the funds sent to them,which evil. but we vow to be transparent on how the funds that shall be sent to us will be used.Therefore who ever is willing to funds this organization is welcome and respected as the National Director.we thank so much,and here are our email and other contacts.global orphanss@yahoo.com, Uganda's Director +256776884309/+256715884309. Uganda's Chairperson +256701982391/+256785332095. Thank you so much in Jesus name.

how can i get support for orphanage in india please show the way

Jericho Orphanage Home is a children's orphanage located near Meru Mountain which is about 3km from Arusha to Moshi highway, In Usariver, Arusha region in East Africa. This is unfortunately also a relatively poor area where most people have to struggle every day to make ends meet. Poverty, poor health, HIV/AIDS and massive unemployment are the main challenges people meet. Many children are orphans or live in families that are not able to care for them at all. Our Mission: To empower children in need to become productive members of society through rehabilitation, education and self-reliance skill to fulfill their life future dreams. Value: For children are a heritage from the Lord and they deserve the best. Vision: Jericho orphanage home is aiming to improve the standard living of the orphans children around the community by planning on the utilization of the available resources and guiding on the implementation of the plans to achieve the best social services and Act as a catalyst for holistic development & facilitate donor organization&volunteers to save orphans children from poor social services such as education, health, water and other infrastructures I have been founded this orphanage 2 years ago with no sponsor who can help me.just using small projects such maize and beans farm. Am searching for sponsor who can sponsor in either food program,clothes or education Why do I need a sponsor ‘ in Jericho orphanage home? ‘Orphans in the Jericho house’ is a response to the overwhelming problems caused by the HIV/AIDS epidemic that is now rampant in the sub-Saharan region of Africa. There is a lack of basic resources, and what is provided only offers short term solutions. If you need more informations about the orphanage vist www.jerichome.org for more informations free free to contact ;info@jerichome.org

ALL SAINTS ORPHANAGE AND CHARITY HOME, A sUBSIDIARY OF WORLD CHARITY FOUNDATION INC. 2nd Floor, 67-71 Oxford Street, London W1D 2EN, United Kingdom. Tel: +447045766630 ABOUT US: We are primarily a charity organization that was founded on March 15th, 2007, in Africa as a subsidiary of WORLD CHARITY FOUNDATION INC. OUR MISSION: Our foundation is global. Our headquarters is based in the United Kingdom UK The source of income for this organization is primarily donations from the numerous individuals and corporations are moved to open their hearts and hands to help touch the lives of all the beneficiaries of the organization. People are encouraged to donate to this organization which is 100% tax deductible. The governments, local, state and federal are involved actively to raise funds for this organization. There are volunteers and employees who are committed to making changes in the lives of all the people involved. The world in general, through the G8 summit made 2007, a special year to alleviate the sufferings of people in third world countries, hence there is special attention given to the people in the class Though this organization is not specifically a religious organization, it is built on the principles that God's word dictates. Members are encouraged to engage in prayer sessions and devotions if need be Directors, Accountants, Attorneys and Special Advisers are appointed to pilot the affairs of the organization in union with the President/Founder. OUR AIM: OUR MAJOR AIM IS TO MAKE A CHANGE IN AFRICA BY GIVING HOPE TO ORPHANS AND PHYSICALLY CHALLENGED CHILDREN ACROSS AFRICA. TO HELP THEM GET A SOUND EUCATION BY VOLUNTARILY SEEING THEM THROUGH SCHOOLS TO ERADICATE MAJOR PANDEMICS IN AFRICA LIKE MALARIA AND TUBERCCULOSES WE HAVE OUR LOCATIONS IN VARIOUS COUNTRIES IN AFRICA LIKE KENYA,SUDAN,ETHIOPIA,GHANA,GAMBIA,NIGERIA ETC. WE ACCEPT ANY KIND OF DONATIONS.IT COULD BE IN CASH OR RELIEF MATERIALS WHICH CAN INCLUDE TOILETRIES,FOOD ITEMS,ELECTRONICS,GENERATOR SETS,MEDICINES FROM A RECOGNISED MANUFACTURER AND CASH. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN DONATING TO US PLEASE CONTACT BENJAMIN FITZGERALD. +23474782349 Email:allsaintsorphanageandcharityhome@admin.in.th 76 NORMAN WILLIAMS CRESCENT, VICTORIA ISLAND, NIGERIA. HELP A CHILD TODAY TO LETS BUILD A BETTER WORLD !

Pratap Singh
We need sponsor for children , because we are have a small orphanage at villege . could have any who wants to helps our children home please contact me. In Jesus name Amen from M.P India

joseph ankrah
joseph ankrah initiative foundation (J.A.I.F) Aim at helping the poor and the needy through philantropists GOD BLESS U

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