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I am american citizen but my parents are mexican how i can get my doble nationality?
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I am american citizen but my parents are mexican how i can get my doble nationality?

i have both birth certificates american-mexican, but it wasnt my fault now i want to fix this situation thaks


Mexican law establishes a distinction between nationality and citizenship. The 1998 Amendment recognized Mexican nationality transmitted by birth, restricting nationality to the first generation born abroad. It also preserved Mexican nationality by birth, when adopting a foreign nationality. Mexicans abroad holding Mexican nationality will be treated with legal equality in Mexico; specifically, they will keep patrimonial rights, access to reserved areas of investment, and the ability to inherit without restriction.

This means that you are entitled to Mexican citizenship (in addition to US citizenship) as long as your parents were born in Mexico. All you need to do is go to the nearest Mexican consulate (if you are living in the US) and apply for your Mexican passport.

PS - the idea that dual nationality is somehow being phased out is nonsense. So is the statement that you will have to choose at age 18 - neither the US nor Mexico has such a law.

Spock (rhp)
mexican consulate ... see their country website for list of them.

You can apply for a Mexican citizenship by presenting the marriage certificate of your parents and your birth certificate to prove that you are entitled to dual citizenship.

Mr. PhD
You mean dual citizenship? I don't think you can unless the Mexican government allows it.

Razor Jim
The Mexican government does not allow dual citizenship.

where are you now located? in the US or Mexico? what is it that you want to fix here?
you will have dual citizenship,nothing bad about that;
if you are in the US, find the nearest Mexican consulate and contact them about citizenship,if in Mexico? you find the nearest US consulate,
as far as the law fazzing out and picking one at age 18 ? that is absolutely not true,
so? if you would like to come back? and tell us where you are now located? i will check back with your question, and give you the web pages according to your response,
edit your question if you wish? i will check back,


edit your question with the little pencil under it, click on it , and add.............

I don't understand what it is you want to fix. If you have both birth certificates, then you have dual nationality.

My daughter was born in Mexico but since both her parents are Americans, she has both citizenships. It sounds like you have the opposite situation - born in the U.S. of Mexican parents?

I was told that at age 18, my daughter would have to choose one or the other.

Dual citizenship is being fazed out. You can only be American or Mexican, not both. And just because you were born in America it does not make you an American. If you do have citizenship, you can be an American of Mexican descent.

Military children born in Europe are Americans, they are not German nor Italian nor any other nationality.

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