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I lost my U.S. Permanent Resident card but I must fly out of the country due to an emergency in my family?
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I lost my U.S. Permanent Resident card but I must fly out of the country due to an emergency in my family?

I lost my Permanent Resident card and am about to apply for another for which I am told it will take a few months. Only problem is I must leave the country because of a family emergency. Is there any way I can fly out of the country without the card but if I have proof that I have applied for another one? Thank you all.


Make an appointment with USCIS local office through Info Pass.
They may help you how to go about. If you have a copy of your green card or you know your A number that would be a big help.


George L
As I said over in the immigration section, leaving is easy, getting back will be hard. if you're a green card holder, then you don't currently have a valid visa and you aren't eligible to get a valid visa to return, either. Visas can't be issued to green card holders. So, while Phil is trying to be helpful, he isn't giving you the right information. talk to USCIS now to see what can be done. contact your congressman immediately to see if they can help you expedite things. If you leave without your green card, you won't be able to return without going to the embassy in your home country and getting them to confirm your status with USCIS. until that happens you won't even be able to get on the plane. but, beware that unless the US embassy back home has a USCIS office, it could take some time to confirm your status. if you do insist on leaving, make sure to keep your alien registration number on you. it's much easier to confirm your status with that than it will be with just your name and date of birth.

kelly t
Good luck getting back home.

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