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I want to go to america with my family,im a nurse,how i will get visa?
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I want to go to america with my family,im a nurse,how i will get visa?


Ying Ding Aing
If you want to work temporarily, you should get an H1B visa, otherwise you want an immigrant visa.


This site will help you decide what kind of visa you want and help you get the forms you need. Once you have all that ready, you can go the website of the nearest US embassy or consulate and follow the directions there to apply.

For most US embassies, the url is http://[cityname].usembassy.gov
for example, the US embassy in jakarta is

Don't go to any sites or submit any information at a site that isn't a .gov site, because anything else isn't government-supported and is probably trying to steal you identifying information.

Plus, they can't do anything for you that you can't do yourself.

First it depends on what country you are coming from along with meeting other criteria. If you have an immediate family member already residing in the US that will sponsor you that will make it even easier. However.....there is a definite shortage af all medically trained personnel in the US so as long as you have the proper proof of your medical traing along with certificates etc you should have no problem coming to America. An RN in the US can earn big money and have unbelievable job security and fringe benefits. Just go through the proper channels and apply for a visa and make sure you do everything legally. Good luck and enjoy America when you do get here. It's an awesome place to live and work.

You want to visit for a short while or stay here?

ahmm..it depends. which country are u from?? it will take time.
and ahmm..have u been to the US before?
we need more information to answer ur question :)
just mail me or someting if u need more help
good luck

Alex A
I advise you apply for visa in USA embassy in your country..
Here you'll find how to contact with USA embassy in any country:


You need to apply for it. You can also try to apply for a mastercard as well.

Iam a nures&resapshinct i have one son he is 1 yer's old my hasband is indyan and iam ethopian we live in ethopia coming to america is our drem we tray dv evrey yer we are wayting for some angel to chang our life is it posbile to even drem like this

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