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If a baby is born in the uk to parents that are both Polish, does the child get a british passport?
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If a baby is born in the uk to parents that are both Polish, does the child get a british passport?


George M
Not necessarily !
Despite of what all the others are writing, the situation is much more intricate !
Currently (for a child born after 2006) is that if your Polish/EU/EEA parents have to have lived in the UK for 5 years prior to the birth of the child before being deemed "settled" and thus considered resident in the UK for citizenship purposes. The law has changed quite a few times of the last few years, so if you ar inquiring about a person that was born before 2006, see the link below for more detailed information by the Home Office.

♥ღ♥ scottish blondie ♥ღ♥
Nope im afraid it doesn't work like that! Just because your born in the UK doesn't meant your automatically British...

To claim British nationality for your baby through Treaty Rights, you need to have been resident in the uk for 5 or more years. You've also got to prove this by providing evidence that you've paid tax and national insurance for those full 5 years too, without any breaks in that time.

This website should help you...

ken / MC jalapino
yes i think so because anyone born in the uk is considered as a british citizen :D

Sαмміе Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

cαssιε! cσячs мυммч ♥
Yes it does, honey.
Your baby is a British Citizen.

Your baby will be a born a British Citizen.

It is termed citizen by birth, for now.

Ipek K Reloaded
Yes he does.

For more information, please check out


Yes---I am from Europe, and in Europe it is such that if a child is born on the soil of the particular country it automatically becomes a citizen of that country(=natural born). The child should also qualify for dual citizenship since the parents are polish, but that would have to be clarified with the polish embassy.....

Yes,you are lucky they can have both.Polish & British
Unfortunately I cannot get one for my country of birth ENGLAND

yes but be careful because the government may put your kid into a sheltered home if you try to leave the uk with your kid.

but that's only in Extreme cases

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