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Im in UK and have indefinite leave to remain Visa on my Pakistani passport do i still need visa for france ?
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Im in UK and have indefinite leave to remain Visa on my Pakistani passport do i still need visa for france ?


yes you do,
the UK is part of the European Union, but not yet included within the schengen zone,therefore, ask for a visa for any country in the schengen zone.
here is the link:
Embassy / High Comission / Consulate for United Kingdom

Office : Embassy
Street Address : 58 Knightsbridge
Postal Address :
ZIP Code : SW1X - 7 JT
City : London
State : London
Country : United Kingdom
Telephone : (44-207) 073 1000
Faximile : (44-207) 073 1042
Email : presse.londres-amba@diplomatie.fr
Website : www.ambafrance-uk.org

Office : Consulate
Street Address : 11 Randolph Crescent
Postal Address :
ZIP Code : EH3 - 7TT
City : Edinburgh
State : Edinburgh
Country : United Kingdom
Telephone : (44-131) 225 3377
Faximile : (44-131) 225 8975
Email :
Website : www.consulfrance-edimbourg.org

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