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Invitation letter to come to the U.S.?
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Invitation letter to come to the U.S.?

I am a permanent resident of the U.S. and I want to invite my father who is in Jamaica to attend my wedding. The wedding is being held on the 1st of November. I already wrote the letter but can anyone tell me the proper procedure in getting this done. I know I have to send one to my father but do I send one to the American Embassy there or do I send one to the Embassy here or is he the one who has to take it to the Embassy?

Any light you can shed on this matter is appreciated. Thanks

Additional Details
In Jamaica we Have to have a visa or green card to enter the U.S. He has a passport but he will not be permitted into the U.S. without a visa (which isn't very easy to get). I just need to know who to send the letter to and to whom.


Don't waste your time. Embassy and consular officials are not allowed to look at these letters.

Hosting Visitors to the U.S.

People often ask how they can help a family member, relative or friend get a visa to visit them in the United States. We appreciate their desire to help and do understand that sometimes the need for a visit can be urgent.

Under U.S. law, however, applicants for visitor visas must qualify on their own for visas to visit the United States.

This is what applicants must do to qualify for visitor visas:

Complete and sign the required application forms;
Bring evidence that their visit is temporary and that they will return home after their legally authorized stay; and
Undergo security clearance procedures
We understand that you may want to help with the visa process. However, it does not help the applicant if you write a letter of invitation or personally guarantee his or her departure from the United States after the visit is over. The consular officer evaluates each visa application on its own merits according to visa law and procedures. You can be most helpful by making sure the applicant has all the information they need to submit a correct application and by explaining fully the standards for visa issuance.

mark k
Don't bother with a letter to the Embassy or Consulate. This will not help him to get a tourist visa, which is what he will be applying for. This visa is granted only on the merits of the applicant, there is no such thing as a sponsor.
You should send him a wedding invitation and if he brings that with him to the Embassy, he can present it as his reason for coming to the States. The main thing that they will be concerned with is will he return. So, he should also bring titles to homes, cars or anything else that will show a strong tie to his country.
You know, it's a lot easier for an older person to get a visa to the States than a younger person; he'll probably do fine.

Does he not have a passport? Because if he does I'm sure he would just be able to enter like any other tourist

If I were you I would send a copy/fax letter of invitation to the American Embassy in Jamaica and one to your Dad for reference when he goes to the Embassy.

Make sure your Dad understand and know the reference # on all documentation. Quote this reference on all documents that you are sending to the Embassy and your Dad.

You also need to send financial statement (statement of bank account)to support your invitation that your Dad will not be a burden on the state while he is here attending your wedding and thereafter.

Well, Goodluck!

Call INS = Immigration and Naturalization Service
they can give you the right answer.
You may also inquire with a Travel Agency or Airline.


It's a New Day
If it's just for a wedding, people can vacation in the US for as long as 3 weeks without needing any Visa. All he will need is to keep his passport on him at all times and he can come and visit you without any paperwork. For up to 3 months he would need a vacation visa and any time longer than that he would need a work visa.

I know that I can have someone to help me on my process i > have on > > of my friend that he wand to send me are > invitation > > letter but he lost he mom my god r i s.p. on he > sult but > > i don know member you can help me on that i > have > > my air line tickets money so just to have the invention letter and visa pls I can work for any body my > >gsm number +23408069450113 on the address you > can use > > for the invitation letter my name is > > Mustapha Ahmed Kabara > > Nigeria > > Air Force club nab Kaduna > > Rabah Road , ok

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