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Is it dangerous to travel to thailand or vietnam my friend is visiting now and she told me as a girl her?
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Is it dangerous to travel to thailand or vietnam my friend is visiting now and she told me as a girl her?

brother was murdered by the police over their for being a refugee?is it really that dangerous over seas exspeacially for americans? are they like walking targets ?or its ok to travel like that in these times with us being at war and all?


All third world counties are dangerous.

David W
Americans are far safer in Vietnam or Thailand than they are in America.
Thailnd is probably the most peaceful nation on earth, so the fact that America is at war (as usual) does not affect anything.

No.......definitely not!

Both Thailand (except for the southern part near to Malaysia) n Vietnam.........especially Vietnam.......are probably the safest countries to travel to in S.E.Asia.

I have been in both countries countless times.........n in Hanoi or Saigon (HCMC)................I used to walk alone at night thru all the small crowded streets & alleys............ with no escort or companion.............as I like to roam & discover surprises in local culture......n customs that are new to me.

The only time in Vietnam (Saigo) where I had a little harassment was when I.......innocently gave a bunch of Dongs to a woamn with wilted breasts holding a dehydrated baby............. right after she ran off.........I was mobbed by what seemed like a million mothers with tiny babies in their arms!

......however, I managed to ran across the street...........n put the 'million' of bicycles & motorcycles between the mob and myself. The only damage to me was a torn shirt ......n somewhat wounded pride!

Go......dont wait...........Vietnam is on a roll....towards becoming an Asian 'tiger'................which means the potential of having millions of new cars........highrises......pollutions...... behavior..........rude neighbors.......materialism.........arro... .. etc.......all the trappings of an Americanized barbaric society!

no. I have been to thailand twice and vietnam 5 times. both are lovely countries with fine fine people.
my wife is from vietnam and I know many good people. I have never had any troubles with anything.

whoever told you this is full of hot air

Thailand is a great place. If you don't look for a problem you will not have one

It's no more dangerous than being in a big US city. People in Thailand and especially Vietnam are very friendly towards Americans and often go out of their ways to help you. You should have no problems going places...just remember to avoid slums and gang areas. Yes they do have them overthere too.

For a girl I think it may be dangerous for a few reasons.

It's very safe in both coutries and foreigners are treated with great respect.

I was in Thailand in 1985 and Vietnam in 1998.

A Canadian male.

I'd say that you should watch yourself, but I'd say that it should be okay as long as you know your surroundings. Now Cambodia, on the other hand, is a different story.

NO.. not at all....

You should go there..!!

You can pop-in to Indonesia as well, its different with the 'Travel Warning'. Try the search engine (Bali, Lombok, Jogjakarta, Bunaken Island, Toba Lake, Banda Sea - Molucas, and many more...)
I've been to Thailand and Vietnam several times, but Indonesia is far amazing for a break...

NO, but in Thailand, be careful about being in any muslim controlled areas, in Vietnam, No Problems reported.

I've been to Thailand several times. I've never felt any danger. You have to be careful whenever you travel, but Thailand is quite safe.

I've never been to Vietnam, but my friends say it's a little more dangerous than Thailand.

As for the war, Thailand has it's own problems with Islamic terrorism in the South. They aren't about to get on their high horses about Iraq. They've done some pretty controversial things to address their Islamic issue.

Here is the official word on safety and danger for US citizens in every country on earth. Most of them are far safer than the US.


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