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Marriage between an american citizen an a Colombian?
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Marriage between an american citizen an a Colombian?

I am an amercian citizen, my boyfriend has his visa. I need legal adivce to know what to do. We are going to get married in Miami, I need to know what to do, and how long it takes for him to become an amercian citizen. THANKS SO MUCH!!!!


He has to apply for the Fiance visa In Bogota before you marry because if for some reason he had a penalty in status in the past 7 years, his fiance application will be denied.
The safest and fastest way is for you to get married in Colombia, make an appointment with the embassy to get an LPR (legal permanent resident) interview with the ambassador. Once you get that interview which they usually give within the next week to your marriage they give you a package with all the procedures for medical examinations and all that. When you finish with all the requirements, you go back to the embassy, they review your papers and give you your residents package which is an envelope with all of your information and applications (you actually travel with this package as your temporary visa besides a stamp they put in your passport). After this point they will give him six months to leave Colombia, otherwise he will loose his residency. Once he gets here the immigration department will run all of the information in the airport itself and all he has left to do is wait 2 weeks from the time he arrives to receive his social security and he's ready to get the residents welcome letter that is basically your green card.
I advise: Do not waist ANY MONEY in lawyers. The immigration web page walks you step by step, besides all the help and information that he can get in the American Embassy in Bogota. Good luck. I had it!!!!!!

Well i dont know what kind of visa he has but my husband had expired F1(international student) and once we got married he got his EID in 3 months and green card in 6. And i've heard same in few more cases.

Might not find a lawyer on here, so talk to one in Miami. Immigration lawyer

I hope that your boyfriend has a K-1 (fiance) visa. If he does, then as soon as you get married he can apply for an adjustment of status to legal permanent resident. After the prescribed period of time as a resident, he can apply for US citizenship. Here are all the citizenship rules, and a guide to naturalization.

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