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Travel to El Salvador with expired Salvadorian passport?
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Travel to El Salvador with expired Salvadorian passport?

My grandmother recently found out her Salvadorian passport was expired but wants to go back to El Salvador for a few months. Is it possible to leave the US with an expired passport?
Additional Details
My grandmother thought she had a few more months before expiration, but we found out that it was expired since September 2006! She lives here in the US for a few months, and goes back every year. She says its not a problem but we arent all that sure. We tried contacting the Consulate here in Miami, but all we get is the machine. Ive been searching all around the Internet to find the answer before having to drive all the way to the Consulate's office.


It is doubtful the airlines would board a passenger without a valid passport. As always, though, check with the official sources for the best answer:

Consul General Luis Montes Brito

Viceconsul Roberto Alas Engelhard, Paola Barrera Rubio, Ana María Alvarez de Eserski, and
Florence Kriete de Avila

2600 Douglas Road, Suite 104 (Douglas Centre)
Coral Gables, FL 33134
Telephone (305) 774-0840
Fax (305) 774-0850
Jurisdiction: Florida

If you can't get an answer there, try the embassy in Washington, DC:

Consul General Ana Margarita Chávez Escobar

Consul Rosa Angela Valencia de Argumedo

Viceconsul Angela María Rubio

1724 - 20th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20009
Telephone (202) 331-4032
Fax (202) 331-4036
Jurisdiction District of Columbia, Maryland and West Virginia

or call back to El Salvador:

General Direction of Assistance to the Salvadoran Community Abroad, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Centro de Gobierno Edificio # 4
San Salvador, El Salvador
Tel.: 011 (503) 2222-4478

General Direction of Immigration
Ministry of the Interior
Centro de Gobierno
San Salvador, El Salvador
Tel.: 011 (503) 222-3116

waiting for baby
It should not be a problem because she is going to her homeland after all
but you can contact the Salvadorian embassy in the state that you leave in to ask, she might be able to renew it before leaving
Good luck

does she wanna come back? why has she been here so long???

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