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What are the requirements for red ribbon from DFA?
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What are the requirements for red ribbon from DFA?

I already have a readable NSO Marriage Certificate but I would like to know if there are still other documents that I need to attach to that in order for me to get red ribbon for the MC.


Before you head to DFA office, be sure your document be first authenticated by Malacañang Palace. Then, go and check this links for complete requirements of red ribbon authentications procedure and requirements. You can download application forms for authentication too.

Rosalba R
A very informative website you can also get much information in website

Lovely girl
You dont need to go to Malacanang for autherticated only the country required for that is Italy.Just go there and bring 2 valid ID and your marriage certificate ,The processing it takes for 1 week.I did mine too..Goodluck

ano po requirements pag nagpa red ribbon ng marriage contract, birth certificate at diploma? thanks

meron po akong kaibigan sa japan at nagpapakuha sa akin ng birth certificate na may red ribbon. paano po ba ako makakakuha nito. salamat po...

tanong lng po may friend po ksi ako pinaaayos yung papers nya pa red ribbon ko daw yung Birthcertificate nya ska yung singleness nya pwede po b khit ako yung mag ayos meron po cyang authorized letter. ok na po b yun. ano anu p po b yung requirments.

geraldine mandocdoc
i wanna know how much is the cost of red ribbon in malacanang if i used to go there n process my papers manually..tnx

What are the requirements to get the NBI with red Ribbon, and how long is the prscessing.

what are the requirements to get the NBI with red Ribbon, and how long is the processing

may pipaayos po sa akin yung frend ko n cenomar nya ano po nid ko??

have a nice day sir/ma'am, ask q lang po an0 po mga requirements s pagpapared-ribb0n ko ng mga Scho0l Credentials ko, i'm currently working here at hongkong. Father ko po ang maglalakad jan s pilipinas. May i kn0w the exact address pls, thanks!

may sister po ako sa Korea at ikakasal na sila ng bf nyang military, pinakuha ako ng sister ko ng birth certificate nya at CENOMAR, ngaon kelangan ko nlang yun ipared ribbon. Ano po ba requirements at pwede ko po ba yun gawin wala po kasi akong authorization letter.

tanong ko lang po magpapared ribbon po ako ng Birth cert. at NBI ng anak ko 20 yeras old po sya.at yung marriage contract,Birth cert. at NBI ko po ay ipapared ribbon din po.may kelangan pa po ba na ibang requirements n irerepresent ko sa pagpared ribbon nito.saan at ano po ang unang step para magpared ribbon.kasi may nagcomment po dito n pupunta pa daw po ng malacanang.sa Qatar po ang punta namin andon na din po ang mister ko in 5 years.at ako po ay nagwork doon since 2005 to 2009 at tinapos ko po un 4 years ko.babalik po ako for husband visa(family)di po ba magkakaproblema kung babalik po ako same country .tanong ko na din po kung magkano bawat isang documents for red ribbon.ano po ba yung sinasabi nilang cenomar.sana po matulungan nyo po ako salamat po.

ask ko lang po kelangan pa po ba magpared ribbon ang visit visa thru travel agency

ask ko lang po kelangan pa po ba magpared ribbon ang visit visa thru travel agency

ask ko lang po kelangan pa po ba magpared ribbon ang visit visa thru travel agency

tanong lang po. kasi ang kuya ko nasa qatar. pinadala nya yung nbi nya dati. pinaparenew tas ipa red ribbon daw. anu po ba ang requirements na dapat namain iprepared. pwede po ba yun kahit wala sya dito. tnx

gud day po maam/sir...how much po ang pared ribbon po ng birth certificate?and 1 original copy from NSO lang po ang kelangan?

ask ko lang po ano po bang kailang requirements para po sa pag visit sa boyfriend ko sa uk.?maliban po sa passport,48 years old na po ko...

hi! ask k lng po kung mgkano po processing fee ng birth certificate at cenomar pra ipa red ribbon k? thank u. pls..rply po me asap, thank you.

what are the procedures & requirements to have the TOR red ribbon?

what are the procedures & requirements to have the TOR, DIPLOMA red ribbon? I Have a copy of TOR & DIPLOMA.,.,

anu anu po mga requirment for red ribbon,, d2 po me isabela san kpo papadala yung mga doucment

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