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What does diplomatic mean?
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What does diplomatic mean?

1. When someone says your a diplomat, what does that mean?
2. When someone says that's a diplomatic answer, what does that mean?

Please explain me.

Thanks you.


Mr. Artless
a diplomat is one who is sent to other countries to negotiate for stuff. (trade rights, alliances, etc)

2. If you are diplomatic, it means you see both sides of an issue and you are fair to both parties involved

1. you are a good talker that can talk to those who disagree with you
2. that you answered a question as to not offend anyone not always a good thing

Look me over, I'm the Capm
Traditionally, it means an answer that will offend nobody. In actual practice, a more accurate term would be, bull crap artist!

umm it means that u r actually saying everything in a nice manner, even if u r angry ... diplomat means that u say things ( bad too) without being angry and stuff

Scot B
work out solutions without using force

It means you're using an objective point of view. Not biased.


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