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What will stop you from getting a passport if if they deny you will you get you money refunded?
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What will stop you from getting a passport if if they deny you will you get you money refunded?


it depends on your country's laws ?
here are some reasons :

Primary reasons
The most common reason why a Passport application can be denied involves applicants not submitting the required materials (i.e. official copy of a birth certificate).

Urgent Passport & Visa's instructions are so detailed that applicants using our services who follow our instructions exactly will not have an application denied for submitting incorrect materials.

Other reasons for denial
During the Passport application process, applicants' backgrounds are screened and these are the 3 reasons that the Passport Agency can deny or suspend an application.

Outstanding child support

Applicants in arrears more than $5,000 in support payments will be denied a Passport.

The only way to remove this restriction is to pay the total outstanding balance; an arranged payment plan with the courts will NOT remove this Passport restriction.

After paying off the entire outstanding balance, it still can take a couple of weeks for the cleared status to be reported by the local court to the Federal level thus clearing the applicant for a Passport.

Outstanding Felony/Criminal Warrant (not parking tickets or civil infractions)

Prior Felony Conviction that prohibits international travel

Not all felony convictions prohibit international travel.

Applicants needing additional information regarding a prior felony or who are unsure whether they are able to travel internationally should contact their probation office regarding probation terms
and to answer your question about refund ?
no , your money will not be refunded

There are a number of factors which influence passport issuance, including misrepresentation and lying on the passport application, which is a sure way of being denied a passport. You are paying a non-refundable application fee - you will not get any money back, regardless of the outcome.

there are lots of things that can lead to denial.

no, ur money will not be refunded.

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