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Can I adopt a full grown man?
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Can I adopt a full grown man?

I went to the adoption services and they told me I can not adopt a grown man.


In all but about 5 states in the US, you can adopt an adult. However, that adult must be younger than you. Adult adoption is not rare, but you usually go directly through the courts and not 'adoption services' because there is no need to get any additional information and no home study is necessary unless you are adopting an 'at risk' adult.

I actually know 5 people adopted as adults, which is maybe unusual. One was adopted by her birth mother, one by her foster parents and another by his stepfather. Another was adopted by another relative to protect her child from her mother (her mother was then legally, no longer the grandparent). The last one was pretty complicated. Stepparent adoption is the most common type of adult adoption.

If your state is one of the few that don't permit adult adoption, either the adopters or the adoptee can move to another state that DOES do this. Once that person has attained legal residency, the adoption can take place. Once you get the final papers, you can move back. The adoption is then legally accepted in your state.

Rhode Island is the only state that comes to mind that doesn't permit adult adoption unless it involves someone who is mentally handicapped.

You can do what is known as "adult adoption" Many first Moms are adopting back their now adult children surrendered to adoption.


But, if you're just looking for someone to pay your bills and do yard work, match.com may be better for you.

eta" nice call, Mom to Foster Children...shoulda known.

you cannot adopt anyone over the age of 18 because they are legally considered an adult. If you care for this person and they need your help, become their friend and take care of them

Mom to Foster Children

hahhaa wow... idkkkk LOL good luck with that one.

My Brother was adopted at 15 years old and we had problems because you aren't allowed to adopt after 16

some kinda policy
Well, you can't

If he's full grown then he should be able to take care of himself.

Hey...when you find out how to do that...PLEASE let me know!

lol.why can't he look after himself?

You can not adopt someone over 18 unless they have some sort of mental or physical health problems. This type of adoptions is done through foster care

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